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Corona Leonis Entertainment

There's been a bit of a disaster at the Corona Leonis offices. The ground water has backed up during a rainstorm and our whole studio has started to flood. Huge wet patches started showing up through the carpets last night, and despite our best efforts, its getting worse. After talking to the experts it looks like we're going to have to tear up all the carpet in here and replace it after the mystery of the flooding itself is solved.

We stuck a huge sucking machine (seriously! it was like a huge tank with a hose attached) into the drains and took off 20 gallons or so, and the water level hasn't moved. With the water saturating the carpets like it is, both the carpets and the foam layer underneath will certainly mold. That means that we have to move all the desks, computers, monitors, and furniture out, tear up the carpets, replace the foam, and either lay new carpet or lay down the old carpet after its been dried.

This will more than likely take us out of the loop for a while. I doubt it will be more than a few days, but it certainly will be a huge pain in the ass. Just so you know.


New Member
Sep 12, 2004
A total bummer, but i wish you all luck and all that. I'll be waiting patiently, hehe.


New Member
Apr 20, 2004
actualy its under controll and wont cost much to repair and insurance = good
sofar so good
basements dried out mostly aswell as has no carpet at all anywhere, were online again and have a few more days of work ahead of us involving the carpet replacement and such....
sooooo the repair bill might be tens of dollers!
tens of tens, or like 50 tens or something, so not as bad as the tens of thousands some jerkass plummer said it would be to fix.

have no pheer, we are just a few days off from being back to normal.. with some relax days being nessesary im sure ;)


stiks glowing green, impaled your spleen
Jun 27, 2004
lol, natural disasters :D

Hmm I guess you can compare this to the floods in Sumatra, where hundreds of people are dying. Yeah, Natural Disaster in their basement, yeah :D