FH Community Events?

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The Seldom Seen Kid
Voted yes on this excellent proposition.
First we'd need someone on the team who has a server though.
Iirc both Morph and Parse are going to get one (although Parse is saving for a 450 (typo'd) pound guitar first).

Once we have that, something like a weekly event with a random one of our mods would be Suh-weet :tup:
Would make a good beta testing stage too.
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May 7, 2002
England baby!
Kaithofis said:
Iirc both Morph and Parse are going to get one (although Parse is saving for a 350 pound guitar first).

450 pounds. :eek:

Yeah, I was hoping to get one of Nut's Fun Industries server spaces for something ridiculously cheap like £16 a month. Thing is, with Nut and his computers being dutch (hurr), the servers for that price are really good. If I get a server I'd be up for a LAD/FHI orgy on a weekly basis.


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Apr 28, 2004
Even though I have been living under a rock for the past few months..and upcomming months (blame Battlefield 2)... I'm all up for it.
If there are probs getting a server, my server will be entirely at your disposal. :)
I can use some extra visitors. :p
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