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feedback to beta2, map: Strand

Discussion in 'Jailbreak Support' started by fireball1, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. fireball1

    fireball1 New Member

    Mar 9, 2010
    Likes Received:
    First of all:
    I like this game-type. It remembers me playing "cops and robbers" as a child :)

    Here are some hints how to improve jb beta2:

    1) Strand: Very oftenly the trains are not coming, and if you are in jail you get a long beard during waiting, because the team fellow bots very oftenly just linger on the rails (with no train coming),
    walking to and fro, where the armour is, just back and forth, not attacking, not freeing you. -- And if the bots from the other team also dont attack, you get stuck in jail forever ( ==>The AI should "attack and free you" with a higher priority !!!) , unless you disconnect and connect again ... this leads to point nr.2:

    2) when in jail, disconnecting and reconnecting frees you out of jail. In a multiplayer game you can cheat with this so easily. => People dis- and reconnecting or connecting late, should definitely start in jail, to avoid player cheating with this. In TeamBattleArena people joining too late also die instantly, for the current round.

    3) the girl-announcers voice. This is the weakest point of JB in my opionon.
    a) the recording-quality is really poor !!! Sounds like she is in a cellar and speaking through three towels, or like the voice got recorded with a cheap microfon and with lowest bandwidth.
    b) this girls voice is a really, really bad choice. While during the campaign one takes pleasure in Jesters sexy, vital voice, the jb-girls voice is the total opposite: dull and lethargic and with a terrible US-slang. I allways imagine a fat girl behind this voice, this impression comes unfortunatelly automatically, and this makes me want to change the game type !!! Couldn't you choose a sexy girl for the recording?
    c) she talks tooo much, too much annoucements !!! [especially with view to a) and b)]

    4) Would be a real asset, if you get jb implemented automatically by applying the utcachextractor, after playing it once online. for some reasons this is not working. I dont know if this is makeable. If so, this would surely help a lot to spread jb.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2010
  2. G.Lecter

    G.Lecter Registered Tester

    Dec 31, 2004
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    Reconnecting players respawn in freedom only at the beginning of a round. If someone reconnects 30+ seconds after a round has started, then they should spawn in jail. You can configure this time in the 'Mod Settings' screen - 'Jail Newcomers Grace Time'...
    Or maybe is this reature not working properly? :rolleyes:

    About the JB announcer... I think the voice is OK (well, a sexy voice calling to prisoners may have undesired consequences... :D), IMO it has more to do with the way the sound was recorded: I often feel that the announcements play too 'foreground', though not exactly loud (dunno how to explain this). I agree it feels a bit weird sometimes but it's not at all game-stopping for me... :p

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