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UE1 - UT FCBP - ShamuQuest specific recruitment

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Delacroix, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Delacroix

    Delacroix Successor of Almarion

    Jan 12, 2006
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    Developing Team:
    Supervision: Victor Delacroix
    Concept and storyline: Victor Delacroix, based on and including the works of Jean 'El Chicoverde' Rochefort
    Mapping: Rob 'Doublez-Down' Collins (Mines of Dralgir Pur), RoninMastaFX (debugging), Jean 'El Chicoverde' Rochefort (original six maps), Creavion (Antalius unfinished map, used with permission, Eastern Swamp), editor Dave (the two mountain levels).
    Music mixing: Myth
    Modelling: GenMoKai
    Coding: gopostal, Shadow
    Sound Engineering: DougieFreshh
    Featuring the voices of: Victor Delacroix as James Cavanaugh

    Status: Developing
    Recruitment: Positions OPEN
    - coders
    - animators
    - modellers
    - texture artists
    - voice actors
    - sound engineers
    - mappers

    Links: ModDB, UnrealSP.org thread, BeyondUnreal thread, UT99.org thread.

    ~AND THE DARKNESS CONSUMES YOU (April 18, 2010)~

    editor Dave is on board! His task is the two mountain maps! Chilling!

    ~AND THE DARKNESS GROWS (April 12, 2010)~

    We are almost everywhere. We've infected ModDB too. All english-spoken thread links added to startpost along with the ModDB link.

    ~ANOTHER UPDATE (April 08. 2010)~

    Myth has withdrawn from mapping, but still mixes the music. Thanks for sticking with us!
    DougieFreshh has joined up as a sound engineer! Thanks!

    ~NEWS REPORT (April 04, 2010)~

    Shadow has contributed his Unreal Tournament SDK for the ShamuQuest project. Many thanks to you!
    Creavion has officially joined up as a mapper! His task is to create the Eastern Swamp level, utilizing his unfinished Antalius map.

    ~BREAKING NEWS (March 26, 2010)~

    GenMoKai has joined up as a modeller. Blades are coming!
    Myth has agreed to participate in the project. His job is to change some music tunes to UMX. Another role he'll play is creating the Citadel of Ice segment that has been extended from the planned 1 map to a way larger edifice.
    gopostal and Shadow have offered their services as coders! Welcome on board!
    Creavion has allowed his unfinished Antalius map to be used as part of the ShamuQuest project! Thanks!

    Hi, y'all.
    Some of you might know that I am the head of the Forgotten Classics Bonus Pack project for Unreal Tournament. In this project, I am supported by my right hand man, RoninMastaFX, who is turning into a more and more important figure as days pass. By now, he would be perfectly able to lead the project himself, BTW :D Yes, he is nearly the same rank as me on the project :)
    Anyway... We have come to a conclusion that much like UT99.org Community Map Pack 2, our project could also use a single player map pack. Due to the pack's general purpose (bringing back the forgotten classics), the choice was clear from the very beginning.
    ShamuQuest, a pack forgotten even by it's author, the great El Chicoverde, was supposed to span 12 huge levels divided into 4 sections. As we all know, only six were made and, more interestingly, the second section that is available, seemed like a reboot of the series. After carefully examining the translator events, I have concluded that it is possible to form a single, complete and interesting storyline out of what we have. It just needs more levels (clear as day, innit?) and a bit of invention.
    I have managed to enlist rmcollins3 on the project, as well as RoninMastaFX. Whereas Ronin is responsible for debugging the levels - EUGH! we all know how much pain this can cause - RMCollins is to create some new ones.
    16 new levels are planned, including a flyby, a credits map, intro and outro cinematics and areas hinted in the readme documents or in the maps themselves. This will make ShamuQuest an immense pack with 22 HUGE maps, six of which are Rochefort's debugged originals, playable under UT OldSkool. An Unreal port will be created later, if I find volunteers for this.
    RMCollins3 has already prepared a flyby level and is currently working on The Mines of Dralgir Pur, but thing is, more mappers will be required if the pack is supposed to be finished fairly quickly.
    We also require UScript coders as well as modellers for the new boss pawns and the artifact items. More voice actors and someone fluent with sound engineering are also required.
    My role is general quality control, main protagonist voice acting and storytelling. The final ShamuQuest story is based on the original SQ story, yet expanded and enhanced. Here it is.

    My name is James Cavanaugh, but recently I was referred to only as Prisoner 853. I was sentenced to death by electrocution but the Vortex Rikers crash has allowed me to avoid this fate. Another prisoner, I believe her number was 849, has also survived the crash. Well, this makes two of us. Anyway... she didn't free me, but she didn't fry me either. I got out myself... somehow. To be honest, I consider myself lucky she didn't push the ****ing button. That electric chair was one of the few things still operational on this damn ship.
    Anyhow, I reckoned that I should follow her trail. It wasn't hard to trace her, all I needed to do was follow the stench of death and those bodies left behind. Kinda impressive, 849 seems a tough lady. She survived where many others didn't. I followed her down to the mines of Rrajgar and further, into the temple of Chizra. After that, I lost track of her.
    After leaving the temple, I headed into the mountains. I figured that mountain areas provide more places to hide from the invaders and I would be able to survive there. Much like those Afghan people during the Soviet invasion centuries ago, I would be able to live out a fairly normal life. The life of a hunted man, but at least not a dead man. I never intend to go back to Earth, unlike 849, I did a lot to deserve my punishment and I'd rather NOT part with life just yet.
    Anyway, the nearest mountains were Shamutanti so I headed there. Eventually, I reached a Nali village. Much to my surprise it was so remote and secluded that it seemed as if the Skaarj would never reach the place. So, I considered that a chance to live out a normal life, without fear or tension. Days have passed. I spent nights in the local tavern and farmed my own fruit. I started getting used to it.
    Bad idea. One should never get used to a peaceful life on a planet under invasion. Sooner or later you will be found. I realized this the hard way. One day, the Shamutanti Village was attacked by a batalion of Skaarj. When one of them found me in the tavern, he stabbed me and left for dead. Lucky for me, he did not make sure I was dead.
    After going back to my senses, I explored the tavern, carefully eliminating the patrolling invaders. When I got to the roof, I was shocked: before my eyes was a Nali Arch Priest. Alive, in the middle of this hell.
    The story he told me was equally shocking. It seems that every benevolent Nali god, be it Chizra, the God of Water, Novana, the God of Nature, or Vandora, the Goddess of Thunder, every single one of the entire pantheon has their own reflection in the Shadow Pantheon. One of the most powerful gods in the Shadow Pantheon, perhaps even THE most powerful is Soquatre, the God of Night. His priests have struck a deal with the Skaarj: they are to rule Na Pali hand in hand and the price would be the Crown of Kings, a Nali artifact of extreme power that would allow Soquatre to tread the planet in a physical form if he obtained it. Of course, the Skaarj had no idea about the full scope of Soquatre's power, otherwise they'd known that the demonic deity would never keep his promise and seize the planet for himself. But they are unaware of Soquatre's plan to betray them and they have scattered around the area in search of the four Runes required to activate the Crown of Kings. Each Rune is not only guarded by a powerful sentinel but also taken care of by one of the Arch Priests, such as the one that I was talking to. To maintain the balance, two of the Runes were in the temples of the Shadow Pantheon, whereas the other two were secured in the temples of the benevolent deities. Terrific. If *I* do not help them, all is lost...
    So, four temples to search through. To top it off, the Crown of Kings was already stolen from the Tower of Shamutanti and taken to a place the call the Citadel of Ice. Already guarded by Soquatre's minions... My luck is pure **** as it seems...
    Well, I don't have much of a choice. If I don't help the Nali, I'm going to have to escape the planet, because there will be no place for me to hide if the Shadow Pantheon takes over. All will be enslaved, forced into backbreaking labor, malnourishment and indoctrination by Soquatre, no one will be able to live here normally. Be it Terran, Nali, Krall or Skaarj - Na Pali will become hell for all, regardless of species. Even worse than it is now.
    Ironic as it may be, in order to save myself, I need to save everyone, and in order to save everyone, I have to fight everyone: brutes, Krall, Skaarj, Nali dark priests, demonic deities. Two words: suicide mission. But it's still better than giving up. Soquatre, time for you to write down your last will and testament, because I am coming for your head.

    Planned maps:
    The current maps: svalley2, sancient1, svalley1, sbegin, sbegin2 and stemple by El Chicoverde are undergoing heavy debugging. As for the new additions, there aleady is a flyby map nearing completion, filename is sentry.unr. RMCollins3 is responsible for the new mappage (I hope to bring more mappers on board with this post). Here is the total list of all maps, old and new:

    1. sentry.unr. Author: Doublez-Down. Status: nearing completion. Description: a flyby level.
    2. sintro.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: an intro level. Vortex Rikers crashing. Player passing through Chizra temple. Player passing through svalley2.unr.
    3. svalley2.unr. Author: El Chicoverde. Status: undergoing debugging.
    4. sancient1.unr. Author: El Chicoverde. Status: undergoing debugging.
    5. svalley1.unr. Author: El Chicoverde. Status: undergoing debugging.
    6. smines1.unr. Author: Doublez-Down. Status: developing. Description: a mine level joining svalley1 with the swamp level. The Mines of Dralgir Pur.
    7. sswamp1.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: the Black Swamp level.
    8. sancient2.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: a ruined temple city, stylized after Wheel of Time's Shadar Logoth, but larger.
    9. scaverns2.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: caverns joining the temple with second mine level
    10. smines2.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: mine joining the caverns level with sbegin.unr.
    11. sbegin.unr. Author: El Chicoverde. Status: undergoing debugging.
    12. sbegin2.unr. Author: El Chicoverde. Status: undergoing debugging.
    13. sbegin3.unr. Author: El Chicoverde. Status: undergoing debugging.
    14. scaverns1.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: caverns joining stemple.unr with another new level, sswamp2.unr. This area is referred to as "Underground Temple".
    15. sswamp2.unr. Author: Creavion. Status: developing. Description: the Eastern Swamp that was referred to in the stemple level. This will utilize the Antalius unfinished map.
    16. sdesert.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: a desert level that is joining the swamp with the mountains. Armakeris, the Citadel of the Desert is located there and is a part of the level itself.
    17. srocks.unr. Author: editor Dave. Status: developing. Description: the tallest part of the Shamutanti Range, the player will find himself over the level of unmelting snow.
    18. speak.unr. Author: editor Dave. Status: developing. Description: The very tallest mountain of the Shamutanti Range, a dormant volcano with the Citadel of Ice at the very top of it.
    19. sicefort1-8.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: the Citadel of Ice interior maps.
    20. siceboss1-4.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: the Citadel of Ice boss fight arenas.
    21. sicetemp1-3.unr. Author: classified. Status: classified. Description: the Citadel of Ice annex temples that are located in the SkyTown segment (floor 4).
    22. soutro.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: an outro cinematic.
    23. scredits.unr. Author: unassigned yet. Status: in plans. Description: a credits map :)

    Here are some screenshots of the flyby level:

    Here are the screenshots for the Mines of Dralgir Pur (smines1.unr)

    Here are renders of GenMoKai's work:

    1. Dagger for SkaarjTrooper class.

    Last edited: Apr 18, 2010

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