Explanation to why I will stop being productive

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The Seldom Seen Kid
Allrighty then, the summer holidays began! I have passed my exams and expected to have 2 months with loads of time to pick up modding again (something that I haven't done in almost a month)

Unfortunately, do to my promotion at work a couple of months back, I am 1 of the 3 people responsible for a certain... department, if you will.
And, with the other 2 being abroad on holiday, I will have to make sure everything runs smoothly all by myself, meaning I will have to work as often as legally possible, sometimes up to 60 hours a week. (What is quite a load, considering I'm "only" 17)

This leaves me with no time to mod in between working and being exhausted, for pretty much the next 2 months.
Surely I will have a day off every once in a while, but on those these I will probably sleep extremely late to compensate for getting up at 6 am the rest of the week, what once again leaves me with very little time or motivation to do anything productive at all

I'll still be lurking these here forums, in case something happens, and I might even drop by in #fraghouse and the other unoccupied channels
But I just thought I'd give you all a heads up about why you won't be seeing me, or anything by me as often as you used to.


The Seldom Seen Kid

Well, so far I've been keeping my word. I haven't done ****. At all.
And that's not about to change, for I am going on holiday in Spain for 2 weeks, starting today! (Well, technically, it's tomorrow. But who gives a damn?)

This also means the end of my full-time period at work. And no, I didn't get paid well. Though it has been a fun and educational experience, which should give me better odds when finding jobs in this sector, what I probably will never do. But hey, at least I have expanded my knowledge, and that's always a good thing! Even when it's about matters you will never come across again.

Anyway, to wrap this up. I'll be back on the 21st, or sometime around that. But that time school will start again, so I'll have more time to map. (Yes, MORE. This because my employer will put me back on weekends only, and the rest of the week is mine to spend. And because I'm smart and all, and it is my last year, it means short days and little/easy homework).

So, that's about it.
One thing though, about the Life Craft temple map thingy, which I know some of you have seen.
Well, my motivation hit rock bottom after a series of huge BSP holes. I only took the time to clean the map up a bit, so it is a little bit more stable, and will go berserk less often. And I've done some things with the floor. Just basic stuff though, substracting out a path 'n stuff.
And to refresh your memories, here are some screens:


Yeah, it's basically one big hallway right now, but it'll get bigger and better, if the BSP allows me.

So, that's about it. Have fun and all, and make sure FH isn't dead when I return



New Member
Apr 28, 2004
Kaithofis said:
make sure FH isn't dead when I return

Well, FH seems to be dead for quite some time but it is only temporary. Of course, it's summer, everyone is on holiday and stuff... Summer, by far the most slowest period of the year. :rolleyes:

Have a nice time in Spain and see you back soon. :)


The Seldom Seen Kid
Woo! Back!

Actually, I'm quite happy to be back. Not that my holiday sucked, quite the opposite in fact. I mean, I'm interested in architecture, and I spent a week in Barcelona. And with the help of the (modernistic) buildings and art I've seen, my fingers are itching to map. More than they have in a looong long time.

Just to give you a quick overview, in the first week we went to Barcelona. The week was pretty much filled with sight-seeing. The second week we spent in Malgrat del Mar, a dead, empty hole on the Spanish coast, filled with obese Dutch, and even obesier Brits. With 6-year-olds probably weighing as much as me. Only cool thing about that place were the couple of high-end computers filled with the coolest games, which cost 50 cents for 9 minutes. Unfortunately, those were constanly, and I mean constantly used by 13-year-old obese girls with an MSN addiction. I could in fact rant on and on about how I will never go to that area ever, EVER again, but I won't
Visiting the museum and grave of Salvador Dali made up quite a lot though.

Anyway, this is where school starts, and I only have to work 19 hours a week. That means plenty of time to map. And I've never been as eagered to do so as I am now.