Eon still alive?

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May 13, 2000
I general dont like posts asking about development process. But its been almost 4 months since I've seen any new info on this site...don't tell me Eon is dead, it was brilliant idea with wonderful art direction.


Corona Leonis Entertainment
No, Eon is most emphatically NOT dead... but, it is kind of on the shelf at the moment. As some of you may know, Eon is being developed in our spare time, and above Eon, paying the bills is of the toppermost importance. Y'see, we couldn't develop a game on the street, could we? I could see an all-hobo (or as I prefer it: BUM) development team working, but I want to see other people try it first before I go that route.

So, we're currently working on contracts as much as we can to help keep ourselves fed. I mean, Eon is definitely cooler than food and shelter, but you start to get cold and dizzy after a while.

In the mean-time though, you can still visit us in IRC and chat us up. You could ask us awkward personal questions, or ask us what Einstein might do in your situation, or maybe even contribute to the ongoing development of our secret weapon: "fart undo". We offer more guitars and adventure than the other leading brands; and for everything else, there's mastercard. Stop by and get loved up by voodoochopstiks. He's always there, even if we aren't, and he always posts the coolest pictures. 4realz

Ok, now, I'm going to peaceout with my pieceout.

deadeye fox

New Member
Mar 12, 2005
You should definitely try to make a new beta release and get some recognition for how awesome the game is even in the beta stages.