UE3 - General Emiter editor colour/changing debug render mode color

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New Member
May 24, 2011
I am currently trying to create a rain effect in udk, and as far as I can tell the best/only reasonable way to do this is by adding mesh planes with panning textures on them. however, I need a really heavy rain effect and even this solution by itself brings down framerate too much to create such a heavy effect, also it looks sort of fake so I have combined it with an emitter.

It works really well combining the rain sheets with an emitter set to one of the debug rendering modes, the only problem is that I now have yellow rain.

From what I can see this color should be affected by 'Emitter editor color' but that does absolutely nothing.

Is there a way to change thee color of the emitter rendering without using a texture?

and if it is impossible to do so, is there a way to make each particle a 1x1, that can be seen as clearly from a distance as the debug rendering modes?