DTAS Super Dynamic Capture Time

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Oct 28, 2003
France, Cannes
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I was looking at the DTAS 1.61 readme file then i discovered some extra settings i never seen on any server IMO.
This is the dynamic capture time, in fact the capture time for attackers can take various values depending on number of Attackers/Defenders in range.
I let you read the readme file to understand how it works but for myself it's not really clear about so my questions:

Assuming the dynamic capture time feature is actived with "bStrongDefense=False" what "bFixedCapTime=False" means ? maybe a minimal value set to CapTime.

I have build an excel table that could help admins for dtas settings with dynamic capture time, hoping it reflects the real rules...
Using this excel table, the capture time value may be zero or negatif, does it mean immediate capture ?



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