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DStrike UTX ??

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by IndiQa, Sep 14, 1999.

  1. IndiQa

    IndiQa Guest

    OK I know I asked some time ago but I'm still gettting the version mismatch msgs when the SOB INF server switches to DStrike.

    I erased the utx from the texture directory. Downloaded a fresh copy of MapPack2 installed it. The Hmmmmmv or what ever utx was reinstalled. Same version error. Is this the correct way to get it?

    I want only the version thats compatable with the map on the SOB server rotation.


  2. IndiQa

    IndiQa Guest

    Got it!
  3. Six

    Six Guest

    "Got it" does not help others.

    The right version of this file can be found in the single player level for Infiltration called Streetwars available at the Map Depot.

  4. IndiQa

    IndiQa Guest

    Well sorry but since there were no posts for 2 days I just wanted to let everyone know that they didn't need to respond.

    Actually its much easier than dling 5MB+ file JUST for a utx package.

    Just delete the offending file from your textures directory and connect to a DStrike game in progress. It wil autodownload the correct 1.

  5. DaddyBone

    DaddyBone Guest

    Lol! EXACTLY what I did...
  6. Six

    Six Guest

    sure that's the easier way, should have thought about that myself

    but a least we know now what and who caused all this hassle :)


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