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UT3 DM-Samosa released PC/PS3

Discussion in 'Content Releases' started by nELsOn, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. nELsOn

    nELsOn bSnakeCastShadow = True

    Aug 18, 2005
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    Name: DM-Samosa


    Compatibility: UT3 Titan Pack, patch 5

    Small and pretty clean space map/floater. I really like space maps so... ;)

    So I was moving in with my girlfriend and I still felt like making a map. Only problem: my computer wasn't there yet. So I just started making something small and fast (and pretty easy on my hardware, too) and came up with DM-Samosa, a homage to RA-Akuma from UT1.
    This map features the SuperPie pickup. Which is actually just the UDamage with another mesh...
    This whole thing took me about a week to make, just working on it in the evenings.





    Thanks to the CBP Team & other testers, and the entire team at Epic.
    Special thanks to Spoondog and also to EvilLair for his texture packs.
    Last but not least thanks to Ambershee for helping me with Unreal Script to get the Healing Fruit done without which I wouldn't have been able to get the SuperPie done!

    This map is dedicated to my girlfriend.

    Homepage: www.nelsonmaps.blogspot.com




    As always I hope you enjoy this map and please let me know what you think about it!
  2. Thrallala

    Thrallala Wait, if you're here then that means...

    May 11, 2008
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    Been looking forward to this map, well worth the wait but there are a few minor issues to be found.

    Well, I'm aiming at the issue in this pic, but also I clearly see where the spacering hits the starsphere. It would look better if the starsphere was bigger and if you'd use the stock texture for the spacering (there's no visible intersection there). ***In case you underscaled the starsphere in order to get rid of the white edge on the outer edge of the spacering, it's very easy to edit the spacering texture so that there won't be a white edge showing on the outer edge of the spacering mesh.***

    I also found the sky movement to be too fast, heck I would probably have liked it better if it wasn't moving at all. But that's probably just me! (I'm well aware of the fact that some UT99 maps have skies that's moving faster than this map).

    Again, rocket launcher is aiming right where you can see the issue (this issue is found on the other similar places as well).

    And again, rocket launcher aim. The edges of that brown platform or whatever has some barely noticable flickering going on, hardly worth mentioning but well whatever :)

    Seems like I timed the pie/udmg spawn PP effect in this screenshot. Anyway, I found it a bit odd that the small rock meshes throughout the outer edges of the playable area does not collide at all with players. (Ofc, it would be bad if you couldn't walk over them but it would feel better if there was at least a small collision, the biggest of those small rocks nearly fit a player).

    Some other observations, the cyan/green arrows. Those are there to guide the player to the Keg, right? If so, I'm not sure if the Keg is worthy (might just be me though).

    I did not understand the need for a pie instead of the udmg :lol:

    So far it must seem like I hate the map but that is not the case.

    Lighting is very well made, the layout is simple but definitely fun (all jumppad locations feels right), when I first saw the map I figured it would be low-gravity (I'm glad it isn't, low-gravity is not really my cup of tea), item placements are good (might be slightly too much HP available, haven't played it long enough to know for sure), texturing and meshing is mostly good (some minor flaws I've already pointed out), music and sound effects fit well.

    All in all, a good looking map with a funny and fairly simple layout. Definitely something I'd have a lot of fun with in LAN with a couple of friends :)

    ps, looking forward to your upcoming maps
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2010
  3. nELsOn

    nELsOn bSnakeCastShadow = True

    Aug 18, 2005
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    Thanks for the feedback!
    The pie was the result of some brain storming with a friend and was originally intended to be an easter egg but I liked the idea and the utter senselessness of it so much that it ended up being a pickup.
    As for your other points... Well, the rocks w/o collision were done on purpose. The rest are things I noticed, of course, but... what can I say... :shy:

    I do promise that my upcoming maps will be as free of such flaws as possible ;)
    And I'm glad you're looking forward to them! Thanks :)
  4. [NBK]Rattman

    [NBK]Rattman Goo God

    Feb 22, 2005
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    Looks Nice I love space maps...Space Noxx is one of my favorites!
  5. Odedge

    Odedge Keeper of Tutorials

    May 26, 2009
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    Being a fan of your work, I played the map and did find it fun to play (with the simple layout) and the setting was done nicely as well.

    Given that you made it in such a short time, I don't expect a "masterpiece", but a little more polishing wouldn't hurt any map.

    The most noticeable things are:
    • Collision on the rocks (I know this was on purpose, but I think it's a bad idea for rocks that you can see inside of)
    • Texture alignment on BSP
    • No footstep sounds on varous materials (too many mappers forget to add this)

    I read Thrallala's comments and agreed with most of them. Keep in mind that I have always been a "stickler" for well built maps, even simple ones.

    While I liked the custom Udamage mesh, I too thought a pie was a bit odd. In Phera, your health matched the theme very well.

    Given your past maps, I am sure this was a "fun and fast" level for you to make and it wasn't taken too seriously.

    I will be looking forward to any future maps you may do! :D
  6. SkaarjMaster

    SkaarjMaster enemy of time

    Sep 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    good space map

    good weapon/item placement, lighting/shadows, textures and clean layout; I found the sky movement at a good speed and not too fast; loved the super pie pickup; I usually don't like space maps, but I liked the blackhole/aurora thing and the bots and gameplay are good; it's also hard to fall off this one.
  7. nELsOn

    nELsOn bSnakeCastShadow = True

    Aug 18, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Really good feedback, thanks a lot, guys!
    I will make sure my next experiment receives some more attention to details such as collisions (maybe even do a 'public beta').
    This is kind of becoming a habit of mine. Making small, experimental maps in between bigger projects that take more time to finish.

    It's cool to see that people are still playing UT3 btw, so I'll probably make some more experiments :lol:
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2010
  8. Teridax

    Teridax Fresh meat.

    Nov 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Just played a couple of matches against bots. It's a nice little map; fun and balanced. I'd suggest either making the rocks smaller next time so that you don't have to worry about looking inside them or giving them collision, but I imagine that would hurt the gameplay if you gave them collision.

    Other than that, it's a pretty good map. :tup:

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