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Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by Master Roshi, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Master Roshi

    Master Roshi Troll

    Jul 19, 2003
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    This is a small house with a endless maze of rooms that are easy to get lost in. I strolled around inside of this house for 5 minutes before i could find a way outside. as you runn around inside the rooms change behind you makeing it harder to find your "PRAY" but once you learn the layout it makes it easy to sneek up on some one. There is a hall of rooms that feels like it could go for ever "See image 01" that if you do not pay attention to you might just shoot your self and loose a frag. The out side souws a house smaller than half of the rooms "see pic 02" but just as deadly. You might be killed by the other player hideing in one if the two caves. The items are well placed and the overall layout is creative.

    Great job!!! :)

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  2. ThomRed

    ThomRed Fire Fly

    Mar 5, 2003
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    The idea behind some of the stuff I did.
    This is a much better version of another map I did DM-SmallHouse it's in the Nailcity3 map section.
    -weapons outside are limited to force you inside
    -kept the inside simple so its easier to move around (center of the room clear)
    -With the rooms I want a tight indoor fighting, so I need rooms that weren't to small and not to big.
    -with maze of rooms was to have that feel of the old 80's B horror movies, were the group of people get trapped in the house.

    -if you learn the inside layout, some doors are like one way mirrors you can see they but they can't see you good place to pick players off.
    -the basement is good place safe place and to set a trap. The entrance is on the graveyard side of the house. As you go down into the basement to the right of the boiler is a Archway a crushing trap. To they left of the Archway between the Archway and boiler is a button, if it's blinking red the trap is set. their is a button on each side that turns the trap on&off.

    HauntedHouseXa at Nalicity3


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