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[Demigod] Godly deathmatch

Discussion in 'Concept Discussion Board' started by 8mm_BuLLEt, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. 8mm_BuLLEt

    8mm_BuLLEt I will rule the world!

    Nov 3, 2003
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    Demigod is a deathmatch/T. deathmatch based mod which brings Demigods into the game.

    Demigod Deathmatch

    The deathmatch is a type of 1 vs. how ever many players in the game. At the start of the game, one player is randomly chosen to be the Demigod. The Demigod looks like the thing the ragdoll turns into when its being removed form the map, and can fly and walk. However, they only have one weapon. Their one weapon is a very powerful one....

    Demigod's Wraith
    Primary fire : Fires a homing lightning rod (what the!?! modern gods!?) that homes to any nearby enemy and inflicts 200-500 damage. Also creates a really big electrical shockwave doing 25-50 depending on the position of the player within the shockwave.

    Secondary fire : Fires 5 homing rods which only does 150-225 damage, but the shockwave damage stays the same.

    Extra fire (mouse3) : Fires a Psibolt which immediatly hits the target with a small blue bang, and inflicts 500-550 damage. Modern guy's dream!

    Well, thats that sorted out - now for the TDM version.

    Demigod's Battle

    In this version, both teams have a god, and the Demigod's attacks have a +25 damage bonus and shockwave damage/radius increased a bit for wiping out hordes of followers.

    Now, the invasion one...

    Demigod Invasion

    The invasion type still randomy chooses a demigod at the start. The invasion version includes new invasion monsters. This type of invasion includes being invaded by a Demigod's followers, which you have to destroy all of them before you face the demigod himself. Here are some monsters...

    Monster name : Demitemplar
    Danger classification : X (Feeble)

    Attack : Uses a Demigod's Psibolt mentioned above, exept tht its damag has been reduced to 5-15.

    Special Ability : 2 can morph into a Avralis, which is mentioned below.

    Monster name : Avralis
    Danger classification : XX (Easy)

    Attack : Throws a ball of cold larva at the player, that does 30-35 damage. It also nearly freezes the player, turning theem blue, and their speed is reduced. Demigods are immune to cold and it only does 15-20 damage to the demigod.

    I think that'll do for now.

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