Defense Alliance Screenshot Update 2.1

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Nov 24, 1998
The Defense Alliance 2 team sent along a couple of exclusive pics of their upcoming Unreal Tournament 2004 modification (you'll also find some at PU). For those new to the series, here's the lowdown on what DA2 is all about:

Defence Alliance was originally created for Unreal Tournament which pitted a small group of human players with different abilities and weapons such as Medic, Sniper, Mechanic playing co-operatively against hordes of computer driven AI monsters.

The objective of the game was to repel and withstand the invasion until the time ran out. Defence Alliance 2 is based on the same basic principles but has come on greatly since those early days. With a fully cast Enemy force and weapon stock pile just the tip of the new game.

One of the biggest editions is the new mission type structure which allows for greater freedom for mappers to create new maps/missions not based on a basic win condition. Now players maybe be tasked with clearing out an over-run base or defending a central location from enemy attacks or holding out at several key places until certain objectives are achieved. The problem of repetitive maps in the original DA are long gone.

Below are the aforementioned exclusive pics taken from DA2-Triumph and DA2-Classic-Ruins. The second pair is sort of a "then and now" look at DA-Ruins in Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2004.


Ut2004 Game Number1 In the World!!!

Unreal Tournament Its DaBest!!!

Deffence Alliance 2
AlienSwarm 1.2
......................................And All Ut2k4 game types :)

with Ut2004 you have all game in one!!!

I have HalfLife2 but That Really not good game that suck!!!! and mods 2!

Ut2004 Its the Best :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ut1 ut2k3 ut2k4... all ut too nice! but the ut2k4 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But For Single Player : mission of Delta Force:Black Hawk Down its the best!
But Online(Multiplayer) And Mods ut2004 its da best I have all games :)
But 4 Strategie multiplayer I wait Starcraft 2 :)


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Oct 29, 2004
Man, this is just getting better and better. The quality level the mod is getting is jaw dropping. The features on the last IR are really exiting!!


DA Team
Oct 6, 2004
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brokenFIX said:
Man, this is just getting better and better. The quality level the mod is getting is jaw dropping. The features on the last IR are really exiting!!

some really cool features that are almost here, and where im looking forward to myself:

-Medic can drop FirstAid
-Buildable stuff
-Differant skins for each class


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Mar 14, 2003
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I really hope the original DA finally gets reimplemented. Hopefully beta2 follows closely after beta1. That said, DA2 is looking amazing!