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UE3 - UT3 Dark Phantom Studio in need of Level Designer

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Sbarrion, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Sbarrion

    Sbarrion New Member

    Feb 21, 2011
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    Team name:
    Dark Phantom Studio
    Hello Everyone my name is Steven Barrion and I am the co-founder of Dark Phantom Studios, which is a group consisting of B.A. graduates and students from the United States and the UK that have taking game design (Art) , graphic design, and animation courses over the years. My co-founder Donnell Gammage and I have done various school projects together, freelance work, and are always pushing each other talents to the limit, and decided to take what we have learnt from our courses and put them into various mod projects to get our break into the industry. This is our first project we have done outside of school using the UDK engine, and are always learning new techniques to make our mod look superb.
    Project name:

    Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox

    Brief description:
    "Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox," is a UT3 total conversion mod that tells of Armageddon from the New Testament Revelations brought by the Egyptian god deity of Chaos and Storms Seth. This mod will merge both Egyptian and biblical testaments into a story driving third person shooter that will fulfill the player's knowledge as well as intense action in the mythological world of the Egyptian gods.
    You play as Jericho Fox a French archeologist and well known theft to most, who is cursed with immortality by the god deity of the Sky Horus for bringing the world's end by releasing Seth from the Urns of Ra in London, England on January 1, 1912. Now Jericho has become the weapon of Horus, and with the aid of the warriors of the Heru Temple known as the, "Wadjet of Ra," He will have to continue the war that split Egypt into two nations since the beginning of the 1st dynasty. Jericho must collect pieces of the urn of Isis (Urns of Ra), which is the sister urn of Osiris, that is scattered throughout the world before Seth merges the three dimensions of Heaven, Earth, and Hell to bring the Apocalypse to fruition. His cursed path for redemption is the world's only chance for salvation.

    Target aim:
    The target audience is generally a male audience between the ages of 17 to 35 that are big third person shooter fans and also action adventure games that are somewhat platform based. This game will bring a combination of both gender types that they would enjoy.

    • Genre: Third Person Shooter/Action Adventure
    • OS: Windows
    • Engine: Unreal Tournament 3 (UDK Development Kit)

    At the moment I cannot pay anyone, but with the progress we are making you will be able build from our Alpha and will be able to offer a percentage of potential revenue once our studio starts making profits. Also whatever you create in this project you can use for your own personal portfolio, and website to gain exposure.

    Team Work Expected:
    We are a hard working team that are all dedicated in producing work to push this project as well as to help ourselves gain exposure. We all have our share to complete, and work on the project when we have the time too. If you decide to join with us be prepared to give 100% on the tasks giving to you, and if you feel that you are having problems, and don't want to work with us anymore let me know so we won't waste time waiting for a part giving to you and believe that it is being worked on.

    Target system: Windows
    Engine: UDK Engine Mar 2011
    Programming language and/or tools: C++/Unreal Script, and ActionScript 2.0
    Artist tools: Modo, XSI, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and After Effects,

    Talent needed:
    Level Designer:
    (Student or Pro): Level designers bring all of the content and game play together. Their tool of choice is the Unreal Engine editor. They block out the level for flow, later adding decorative touches, including lighting and effects. Some level designers focus on the overall experience, while others focus on one area such as scripting or lighting.

    Recommended Knowledge
    Unreal Kismet, a world-class visual scripting language for games.
    Unreal Matinee, a scene animation tool that brings your game to life, and allows you to create in-game cinematics.
    Level Construction tools, including geometry editing features and BSP-based model creation.
    An added plus would be an understandable knowledge about C++ or Unreal Script, but it isn't recommended.
    Particle Effects Creation: Using as back ground atmosphere, obstacles, and barricades

    Level One Summary:

    Level One: Nigel's Corporation Building (The Awaking)
    Game Level Setup
    Nigel's Corporation Building is the first level of Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox, taking place in 1912 London. Jericho Fox (the player) has arrived to Nigel's office on the 20th floor to give and receive his payment for the urns of Ra he has stolen from the temple of Horus. After Jericho and Nigel has made an agreement for the jewel as Jericho's payment instead of money, Nigel accidently reads the seal incantation on the back of the urn of Hours and releases Seth from his eternal prison. Jericho must now escape the building before Seth 1st form consumes the entire building, the people inside, and him along with it.

    Primary Player Focus
    The primary focus of Nigel's Corporation Building is for the player to escape the building before Jericho falls into the collapsing floor, burned alive by fire, and without touching Seth 1st form. The player must run down six floors and go through different types of obstacles on each floor. At the same time the player must also watch out for Seth 1st form which if the player touches it he will die instantly. The player must use speed and wits to progress through each floor, and if the player gets caught by too many traps or touches the mist he/she will die and will have to start over at the last checkpoint.

    Tasks for Level One: (The Level Designer focus will be completing the remaining kismet, particle effects, and Matinee creations we need for this level, to move to the next two level creations)


    Broken: (Level Designer) Kismet (Camera Shake): Once the player steps on the trigger the camera should shake very hard as if the building is becoming unstable.

    (Level Designer) Kismet (Barricade): Seth's Mist should be triggered to block the stairway exit door way after the player steps through the entrance into the 9th floor, so he/she won't back track after seeing the changes of the textures and props on the 9th floor.
    Broken: (Level Designer) Kismet (Rest Room Door): After the mist has risen the camera will switch from the elevator hallway to the restroom closed door entrance, and the building will rumble opening the restroom door. Once that is done the Camera will switch back to the player.

    Enemies: One = (Level Designer) Kismet (Seth's Mist): Once the player comes close to the door Seth's Mist should rise up like before in the rest room cover the area. The mist will two seconds delay giving the player enough time to get through the door before charging towards him.
    (Particle Effects needed beneath collapsed floors with Kill volumes)
    Obstacles: One (Level Designer) Kismet (Collapsed Floor): After the player has broken through the wall to the floor will collapse in the next room leaving the player to walk on the edges of what's left of the floor to the second breakable wall.
    Breakable Wall Two: Collapsed floor office into Another Small Office
    Once into the next room the player can go through the front door and make his/her way to walkway.
    Obstacles: Two (Level Designer) Kismet (Collapsed Floor): There will be a trigger at the entrance of the small room doorway that will make the floor by the receptionist desk collapse. If the player falls in he/she will die instantly.
    Obstacles: One (Level Designer) Kismet (Collapsed Floor): After the player crosses to the other side of the walkway through the walkway intersection he/she will trigger the floor to collapse on the right hand side going up towards the entrance of the right side walk way. When he/she falls in the player will die instantly.
    Broken: (Level Designer) Kismet (Camera Shake): At the entrance of the walkway there will be a trigger that will make the Building Shake.

    (Level Designer) Kismet (Camera): A trigger will be in the small office room close to the entrance of the hole to the conference room that will switch the camera from the player to show a top perspective view of the conference room, so the player will know what to expect before they go through the hole.
    (Level Designer) Kismet (Combusting Tables): If the player will have only a few seconds on each desks before they catch on fire.

    Broken: Level Designer) Kismet (Shaking Camera): Once the player has reached the walkway close to the rest room he/she will trigger the building to shake.
    Obstacle: Two (Level Designer) Kismet (Walkway Mist): There will be a mist cloud covering both entrances of the left and right walkways, the player won't go in that direction.

    5TH FLOOR = RESURRECTION (Final Floor)
    (Level Designer) Kismet (Seth's Mist Final Chase scene): Once the player has walked up the walkway by the stairway exit he/she will trigger Seth's Mist to chase him/her down the walkway.

    Team structure:
    Steven Barrion (Lead Artist)
    Donnell Gammage (Lead 3-D Modeler)
    Josh Paseur (Lead Level Designer)
    Laurent de Laroche Souvestre (Digital Artist)
    Kelvin Tam (Weapon Modeler)
    Michael Chrostek (Composer)
    Brian Wilson (Environmental Modeler)
    Michael Basra (Environmental Modeler)
    Larry Weya (Programmer)
    John Ryan (Sound Designer)


    Contact Information
    Email: Sidell04@gmail.com
    Email: lordkonton@yahoo.com
    ModDB ID: Sbarrion
    ModDBGroup: Dark Phantom Studios
    Steam ID: Konton217

    Previous Work by Team:

    Additional Info:
    If you would like to see the game doc email me and I promise I will send you a copy A.S.A.P


    If you have any type of feedback I would truly appreciate it and thank you for your time and interest in our project.
  2. michal

    michal New Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    nice Computer graphic here. ....................!

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