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UE3 - UT3 Dark Phantom Studio in need of Artists and C++/Unreal Script Coders

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Sbarrion, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Sbarrion

    Sbarrion New Member

    Feb 21, 2011
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    Team name:

    Dark Phantom Studio

    Hello Everyone my name is Steven Barrion and I am the co-founder of Dark Phantom Studios, which is a group consisting of B.A. graduates and students from the United States and the UK that have taking game design (Art) , graphic design, and animation courses over the years. My co-founder Donnell Gammage and I have done various school projects together, freelance work, and are always pushing each other talents to the limit, and decided to take what we have learnt from our courses and put them into various mod projects to get our break into the industry. This is our first project we have done outside of school using the UDK engine, and are always learning new techniques to make our mod look superb.

    Project name:

    Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox

    Brief description:

    “Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox,” is a UT3 total conversion mod that tells of Armageddon from the New Testament Revelations brought by the Egyptian god deity of Chaos and Storms Seth. This mod will merge both Egyptian and biblical testaments into a story driving third person shooter that will fulfill the player’s knowledge as well as intense action in the mythological world of the Egyptian gods.
    You play as Jericho Fox a French archeologist and well known theft to most, who is cursed with immortality by the god deity of the Sky Horus for bringing the world’s end by releasing Seth from the Urns of Ra in London, England on January 1, 1912. Now Jericho has become the weapon of Horus, and with the aid of the warriors of the Heru Temple known as the, “Wadjet of Ra,” He will have to continue the war that split Egypt into two nations since the beginning of the 1st dynasty. Jericho must collect pieces of the urn of Isis (Urns of Ra), which is the sister urn of Osiris, that is scattered throughout the world before Seth merges the three dimensions of Heaven, Earth, and Hell to bring the Apocalypse to fruition. His cursed path for redemption is the world’s only chance for salvation.

    Target aim:

    The target audience is generally a male audience between the ages of 17 to 35 that are big third person shooter fans and also action adventure games that are somewhat platform based. This game will bring a combination of both gender types that they would enjoy.


    • Genre: Third Person Shooter/Action Adventure
    • OS: Windows
    • Engine: Unreal Tournament 3


    At the moment I cannot pay anyone, but with the progress we are making you will be able build from our Alpha and will be able to offer a percentage of potential revenue once our studio starts making profits. Also whatever you create in this project you can use for your own personal portfolio, and website to gain exposure.

    Team Work Expected:

    We are a hard working team that are all dedicated in producing work to push this project as well as to help ourselves gain exposure. We all have our share to complete, and work on the project when we have the time too. If you decide to join with us be prepared to give 100% on the tasks giving to you, and if you feel that you are having problems, and don’t want to work with us anymore let me know so we won’t waste time waiting for a part giving to you and believe that it is being worked on.


    Target system: Windows

    Engine: UDK Engine Mar 2011

    Programming language and/or tools: C++/Unreal Script, and ActionScript 2.0
    Artist tools: Modo, XSI, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and After Effects,

    Talent needed:

    Static Prop/Environmental Modeler: (More than 1 member needed)

    Recommended Knowledge
    (Student or Pro) Understandable knowledge of Modeling, Texturing, Uv mapping, and Normal mapping. Able to model lowpoly props at a set poly count giving.


    Modeling Static props and Environmental props (Example: Corpses, vehicles, buildings and other objects for ambient decorations), which will bring out the full detail and immersion of the second level New Orleans’ Ruin City (There will be a lot of props to create while we finish the 1st level).
    I will send you a task to complete via email, and you will give me the estimated time that you will have it done, and update me at least once out of the week depending on how long it will take.
    Texturing and UV mapping are recommended, but optional if you are behind, only model, or in need help I am more than willing to help you in these areas.

    Programmer/Coder: (More than one)

    Recommended Knowledge

    (Student or Pro) Understandable knowledge about C++ or Unreal Script. (recommended programming tool: Visual Studio 2008 with n-fringe plug-in installed)
    Programmer must know basics of Object Oriented Programming concept (not recommended, but would be a plus)


    Setting up the Mod Folder
    Develop an architecture for all of the packages for the project
    Setting up the GUI with created content for health bar and Ammo
    Setting up Third person view
    Swapping weapons, characters, and items for original content
    Tweaking the rules for the mutator, or making new rules and AI logic
    (Also another plus but not recommended)
    Would also be good to know some designing skill in adobe flash cs4 with a bit of knowledge about ActionScript 2.0

    Digital Painter:

    Recommended Knowledge:

    Must be able to use and paint in photoshop CS3, 4, or 5


    Painting Character Concept art (also original art is needed), also Weapon Concept Art, and create to Environmental Art

    Team structure:

    Steven Barrion (Lead Artist)
    Donnell Gammage (Lead 3-D Modeler)
    Josh Paseur (Lead Level Designer)
    Laurent de Laroche Souvestre (Digital Artist)
    Kelvin Tam (Weapon Modeler)
    Michael Chrostek (Composer)
    Brian Wilson (Environmental Modeler)
    Michael Basra (Environmental Modeler)
    Henry Martin (Prop Modeler)


    Contact Information
    Email: Sidell04@gmail.com
    Email: lordkonton@yahoo.com
    ModDB ID: Sbarrion
    ModDBGroup: Dark Phantom Studios
    Steam ID: Konton217

    Previous Work by Team:


    Additional Info:

    If you would like to see the game doc email me and I promise I will send you a copy A.S.A.P








    If you have any type of feedback I would truly appreciate it and thank you for your time and interest in our project.

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