Custom editor colors?

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Nov 27, 1999
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I remember being able to change the colors of the Windows, text and other stuff in UnrealEd. I found a list of color presets under Options-->Preferences and then Editor-->Colors. Expanding this option shows a whole bunch of colors. When I click on one, a small button appears at the far right of the color, but clicking on it does nothing. I'm SURE this used to work before.
I'm running the 225f version of Unreal with just the basic Richtext and VB5 patches. Any ideas how to get this feature working?



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Jul 7, 2000
It's broke in 225f. If 226 ever gets out it may be fixed there.

Side note for people doubting this, remember Id promised one more patch for Q2 that used ARB mulit-texture instead of SGI, so where is it? Epic's not the only one doing stuff like this.