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CTF-HighDrop - HELP!!

Discussion in 'Level Editing - Advanced' started by Mavoric, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. Mavoric

    Mavoric www.mavoric.net

    Dec 6, 2003
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    I have been working on a map which hasnt taken me that long to make and then suddenly it came up with loads of bsp errors for no reason. Can someone help please map is down below :)!

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  2. Bot_40

    Bot_40 Go in drains

    Nov 3, 2001
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    Basically, you have horrible messy construction :p
    BSP errors are caused because of rounding errors in the engine. If you imagine 2 edges of 2 brushes intersect at some coordinate 1.247682745827516518357 then of course that's going to be rounded to a more sensible figure like 1.248 which doesn't really matter for an extremely simple map, but as your map becomes more and more complex, the errors get more significant and knock-on effects cause holes in your level and rendering errors etc.
    The way to prevent it is basically to build your map so that all vertecies are aligned exactly on the grid, it's there for a reason! This the editor is doing nice simple calculations when you rebuild geometry and you are much less likely to get bsp errors. There isn't really any way to fix it when you already have a map with vertecies off the grid everywhere like in your map, best to start over (tough :p)
    Probably the best technique to construct geometry is to use just cubes (no cylinders/spheres/spiral staircases unless you 100% have to) and use vertex editing to make them the shape you want. It's easy to make stuff like ramps by just pulling one side of the cube vertically down and you can also make even complex shapes by combining more cubes together.
    Make sure the dimensions of brushes are always in multiples of powers of two. For example, 256, 192 (128+64), 64, 1024, 1536 (1024+512) etc. etc. You shouldn't really be using brush dimensions any smaller than 32, if you are, then you are probably doing something wrong (never really need that smaller detail in UT99)
    Make sure you keep grid snap turned on and the grid size as large as possible (In UED2 I almost never used a grid size below 16 for anything)
    Never rotate brushes through odd angles. Ok to rotate stuff by 90 or 180 degrees since the vertecies will stay on grid intersections, just anything in between you should try to avoid if at all possible. If you need to do something strange like rotate a crate by 25.423 degrees for some reason then you should use semisolids (search at wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki) which will keep the bsp as simple as possible.

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