CTC Volume 1 released!

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A mapper not in the zone
Volume 1 of the CTC (Community Tribute Classic) by the boys of Unreal Playground (www.unrealplayground.com) has been released. It contains 4 Deathmatch Maps, 1 Capture the Flag Map, and 1 JailBreak Map. The maps are:

DM-CTC-EBD-HammerV1.4 by evil_blue_dude
DM-CTC-Scios by Nils "Flying_Killer" Croes
CTF-CTC-Helimania by Francis "Fritz-X" De Block
DM-CTC-Croon by Lucas "L.J.Paranoid" Hassen
DM-CTC-The_Spinner by Tex "TexasGtar" Brown
JB-CTC-EBD-Theomachy by evil_blue_dude

You can download it at Nali City by going here.

There will be a Volume 2 released, but the release date for it is undetermined at this time.