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Conduct whilst in Off-topic

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PsychoMoggieBagpuss, Jan 15, 2004.

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  1. PsychoMoggieBagpuss

    PsychoMoggieBagpuss Gone.

    Mar 6, 2000
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    It has come to the conclusion of the BU staff that OT is no longer that nice a place to be anymore, and hasn't in fact been for a couple of years.

    There is a lack of respect for your fellow forumers.

    There is a lack of respect for your fellow forumers viewpoints.

    People are insulting and attacking each other and it is being accepted as the norm?!?!?!

    Sorry, but this is not FYAD at Something Awful.

    As a result we are implementing an updated policy.

    The rules are simple.

    1) Do not insult/attack another forumer or his viewpoints. Debating is fine. If you can't tell the difference between an attack and debate then you shouldn't be debating in the first place.

    2) Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to in reallife (tm)

    3) Failure to comply with moderators requests to drop it/cool it/etc will result in a one week RO. If you still don't get it then its two weeks RO. If you haven't got it by the third time your banned.

    4) Moderators decision is final.

    5) Common sense will be applied, mistakes may be made (hey we're human) but we will endavour to correct any that occur.

    6) Moderators reserve the right to mock stupidity.
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