UT3 COMP - Competitive Map Pack PC&PS3

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I make awesome ©
Aug 8, 2008
P'Boro, UK


COMP - COmpetitive Map Pack - For Unreal Tournament 3
This pack contains 7 new maps for Duel, DM and TDM​

COMP was created to provide new maps designed for competitive players, in Duel and TDM. The gameplay in each map has been built to provide you with the best flow and balance. With help from multiple players and mappers in the community they have been tweaked to give you a quality gameplay experience. Expect loads of trick jumps and a ton of fun.

Title: Competitive Map Pack
Game: Unreal Tournament 3
Compatiblity: Patch 2.1 and Titan pack
Platform: PC & PS3
Version: 1.0
Release Date: May 28, 2011
Author: COMP Team
Website: http://comp.cr4zyb4st4rd.co.uk

Leader: Noob_Zaibot
Co-leader + Web & Video: Cr4zy
Level Designers:
DeathoX8 aka XYZ8000
Shoot_You_Down aka Satans_Father


YouTube video



Mirrors most welcome!
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I make awesome ©
Aug 8, 2008
P'Boro, UK
Thanks guys.

One other thing I should probably mention. Edge will take a stupidly long time to load first time, while it creates the shaders for the large amount of materials. Atleast that's what I believe it to be. Second time shouldnt be anywhere near as bad.


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May 3, 2009
Man, all these maps look the same and just like HOLP :D. Makes some sense if one likes this style and doesn't want to get run out of levels for a long time. I do, but now it just hit me.

Overall good job, long life UT3!


enemy of time
Sep 1, 2000
Sarasota, FL
excellent map pack!

DM-Balance - Lots of shades of gray in here with a little dabble of color and solid textures; I like the fans/jumppads and old skool style. Definitely a frantic match with good weapon and spawn point placement, excellent balance and flow as most of these maps have.

DM-Bloodline - Another tight one with lots of ramps, z-axis and a little bigger than Balance with more atmosphere. Bots can be a nuisance in this one and has a definite Q3-like atmosphere with good music.

DM-Denounced-fix - Another solid map in terms of gameplay and atmosphere, but not sure what was wrong with the original and this one seems fine. It has an industrial-look with pastel color thrown in as some others in this pack do; I like the textures and the music fits. Even with the crazy pathways, the bots are slightly easier than in Bloodline.

DM-Edge - I like the trim and colors in here as well as the cool jumppads and "Muse-like" music. The bots give a tough match and many pathways is fun.

DM-Elements - A more wide-open layout with also many pathways, nice trim and an almost mix-themed map but I see mostly Egyptian in here. Another fun map and at one point I found myself bounced around like a pinball (possibly from the pad at an angle up high).

DM-FaceMash - fragfest extraordinaire this one is and reminds me of a couple others in this pack, but this one has softer color, softer music, glass and other things that set it apart. Bots are easy in here but don't be a slouch as frags can rack up quickly.

DM-NinjaParadise - plenty of z-axis opportunities and an obvious Japanese atmosphere, except music is not. Good texture and color combinations and a nice touch with the foliage and high archway. Bots are somewhat easy, but not pushovers.

These maps must have been fun online, but I guess I missed the window.;)