Common Problems & Solutions [Updated 24-Jan-2005]

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Starting the game
It is important to remember that the currently released version of UnWheel does NOT show up in your community mod menu. Rather, you will find it in normal UT2004's list of gametypes, in the "Custom gametypes" section of the list.

If you want to play online multiplayer, launch normal UT2004, go to the "Join game" screen, go to the "Internet" tab, and using the list of gametypes on the top-right of the screen, check out all the UnWheel gametypes.

If UnWheel is crashing for whatever reason, the first thing you should do, before asking for help, is to make sure you have the latest UT2004 patch installed.

At the time of writing this, the latest patch version is 3339. Take a look at the UT2004 website's downlaods page ( and grab the latest patch listed there.

If you still have problems after installing the latest UT2004 patch, feel free to request assistance here.

If you have trouble joining an online game, please make sure you have the latest patches mentioned above installed, as well as the UT2004: Editor's Choice Edition bonus pack.

You can download the bonus pack from one of BeyondUnreal's mirrors here:
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