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Comments and stuff on the Beta release

Discussion in 'Beta-Testing' started by Mr.Mitchell, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Mr.Mitchell

    Mr.Mitchell New Member

    Sep 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    First of all, it's a very nice mod but it obviously still needs some work. Here are the points I have:

    - Zooming over the map works OK most of the time, but it only seemed to work on my own buildings and on the tyridium.

    - This game really needs a manual that describes the possibilities. I had barnEbiss telling me how to group units and how to zoom the map and how to move around, but he will probably not always be around :)

    - I need some tooltips on the icons in the lower right corner. I got no clue what the icon for the queen on the leftmost position on the second row menus???

    - Also it would be nice to know what building you need for which unit.

    - I don't know if the scoreboard is supposed to be used, but spectors show on the scoreboard also.

    - I would be nice to get an alert when your base is under attack

    - Teamskins would be nice since I can't see what units/base is mine.

    - The letting other people join option mentioned in another thread sounds good.

    And now for the biggest issues:
    - I can't specify maplists through the WebAdmin and since it is the ONLY way I have to configure the server it is very hard for me to switch levels or even start the server.

    - USkaarj makes the server crash!!! Unfortunately it is not possible for me to get a log file because the server is automatically restarted and overwrites it's logfile :-(

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