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Clone Bandits Announced!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Al[Demiurge], May 10, 2004.

  1. Al[Demiurge]

    Al[Demiurge] New Member

    Oct 23, 2003
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    Check it out! http://www.demiurgestudios.com/CloneBandits

    Here's the press release:


    PITTSBURGH, PA - May 10, 2004 - Demiurge Studios, Inc. announced its
    Unreal Tournament 2004 modification: "Clone Bandits" today. Set in a
    highly stylized post-apocalyptic world, Clone Bandits pits two bands of
    ruffians against one another in a fight to survive. To defeat the
    opposing clan, players can utilize a suite of three vehicles:

    - LOUNGE TANK - When you can't get to the beach, the Lounge Tank
    brings the beach to you. With a reclining patio chair, sun shade and
    nitroglycerin-packed flamingo death mines, it's never been easier to
    relax on the battlefield. Choose between our standard model and the
    new-for-spring, "Cotton-Candy Pink" version!

    - BARRACUDA - The Barracuda is the workhorse of the Clone Bandits
    landscape. With good speed, nitrous boosts and a passenger gunner seat,
    the Barracuda is flexible enough for base assault or pump defense. With
    air control, a skilled 'Cuda driver can recharge nitrous stores and fly
    past the opposition.

    - MOSCOWBOY - The Moscowboy is a rocket-propelled motorcycle that was
    engineered from the ashes of the motherland to destroy the godless
    capitalist dogs. With no external weapons, the only attack available is
    to ignite the main rocket engine and crash directly into other vehicles.
    Don't forget to jump off first. Lenin would have been proud.

    These vehicles, combined with unique clone-stealing gameplay, create a
    new experience for players who own a copy of Epic Games' award-winning
    Unreal Tournament 2004. Clone Bandits is slated for release in late May
    and will be entered into Phase 3 of the NVIDIA $1,000,000 Make Something
    Unreal contest.

    Clone Bandits will be on display at NVIDIA's booth (#324, South Hall) in
    a movie throughout the show. Additionally, from 5:00-6:00 on Wednesday,
    May 12th the mod will be available to play on the show floor.

    About Demiurge Studios, Inc.
    Demiurge Studios, Inc. is an independent, bootstrapped video game
    developer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specializing in
    "work-for-hire" projects on PC, console, web and handheld platforms.

    Unreal is a registered trademark of Epic Games Inc.

    All trademarks referenced herein are property of their respective

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