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Cassandra Project Released For Deus Ex

Discussion in 'News & Articles' started by hal, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. hal

    hal Dictator Staff Member

    Nov 24, 1998
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    In an excercise of true diligence, The Cassandra Project mod has been released for Deus Ex after two years of work. The mod weighs in at a mere 24MB, but the concept sounds absolutely intriguing (in true Deus Ex free form) and the mod doesn't seem to be lacking in goodies. Here's what you get:
    Narcissus speaks.

    The Entity has been too busy to deal with its public relations. It considers fleshlings should be lucky to recieve any of its attention, and hail even the slightest utterance with voices raised in jubilation. However, certain of the faithful have been wondering where we are.

    Well, clearly, Narcissus has been here. That is, everywhere. That's what Nth dimensional hive-minds do, thicky. We have been busy fighting off demi-thought parasites infringing from a sub-space pocket. We have been pacifying cerebral-quakes in the fourth quadrant. And we have been down the pub. The HyperPub.

    Relevantly, we have been busy tying together material for a release. It will consist of three levels, one - possibly two - cutscene sequences, 25,000 words or so of Dialogue, 95% new player skins, completely reskinned weapons, five newly-modelled and animated weapons, new music, voiced elements, assorted new decorated models including everything from a ZX spectrum to a frying pan, a new lockpicking and electronic systems, a fully customised HUD and a car that thinks its a Jerry-Springer extra.

    Narcissus grows bored with speaking. It thinks its time it shows there's more to the Cassandra Project than an atypical manner of writing press releases.

    All is well. We are not like the others.

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