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calling mappers/skinners/modellers

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by TD-Squeaker, Jul 4, 2001.

  1. TD-Squeaker

    TD-Squeaker www.ausut.com australian UT league *****.

    May 16, 2001
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    we at www.ausut.com has just noticed a great tradegy that might occur and that is of the mod front line assault not being finished. This is one of the best mods i have ever heard of sad news to see it possibley dwindle away.

    The guys behind Front Line Assault have now released there first public alpha version of this great idea for a MOD. However this could also be the last release FLA will ever make if they do not get more people to help out
    in there MOD. They need modelers & texture artists to refine there
    current material because they know it's very far from perfect.
    If you think you would be able help in anyway email dEEp at trm6@qwest.net
    The fact that this is not a fully finished product does not draw away from the fact that it is a great looking mod capturing the spirit of WWII at only 8mb is worth a download which you can get locally from AUSUT

    Here are some unique features:
    - Hits to a certain body part will affect your ability to perfom as a soldier.
    + Arm shots will affect your ability to aim.
    + Leg shots will slow you down.
    + Head shots will kill you.
    + Chests shots more than likely will kill you.
    - No crosshairs (exccept on Sniper rifles).
    + You can bring the rifle to the center, so you can look down the barrel, improving accuracy.
    + special character classes
    +landmins, air raids, random mortar fire
    + New HUD display
    + New accuracy meter, changes with your position and your movements.
    A bug that has been noticed in this release is that sometimes you can not walk once u start the map, to fix this simply type walk into the console.

    only with ur support will this mod be finished fully

    "I know there r some great skinners and map buildrs in OZ and i would like to call u to dontate some of your talents to this great project.If u feel u can help please notify us as it would b sad to see this mod die"

    or even better contact one of these guys.

    dEEp - co/Founder - Web Designer/Spokesman
    ICQ - 70725897 MSN - mamajama4life@hotmail.com AOL - Digeridoo33

    Digital - co/Founder - Weapons Designer
    ICQ - 62029886 MSN - that one guy

    SARGE - Mapper
    ICQ - 55101946 Website -

    YaM - Mapper
    ICQ - 38178704

    Junky - Weapons Modeller
    ICQ - 37380525

    fleek - Public Relations
    ICQ - 75762889
  2. Stryker8

    Stryker8 New Member

    Jan 26, 2000
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    just wait t'll our version comes out
    /me grins develisch

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