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UT2kX (BW 2.5) Skrith War Weapon Pack 2.0 Update

Discussion in 'Content Releases' started by AlCapowned, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. AlCapowned

    AlCapowned Member

    Jan 20, 2010
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    Authors: Alcapowned, Teridax
    Additional credits: Terg500 (CS-AR74 custom scope texture), TheSirensFall (SSC secondary sound)
    Description: This is a pack of 15 weapons for Ballistic Weapons v2.5. Update 2.0 makes a bunch of changes and bug fixes.
    Weapon renders:
    Weapon list:
    1. A40 Skrith Pistol
    Primary: Energy fire
    Secondary: Iron sights

    2. A512 'Cobra' Skrith Acid Launcher
    Primary: Acid shot
    Secondary: Melee slash
    Special: Stable Mode

    3. A500E 'Dragon' Chemical Weapon
    Primary: Chemical blast
    Secondary: Ignited chemical spray

    4. A600 'Amphibian' Skrith Sniper Rifle
    Primary: Charged energy beam
    Secondary: Scope
    Special: Thermal Sensor

    5. A51 Skrith Acid Grenade
    Primary: Throw Grenade
    Secondary: Roll Grenade
    Special: Timed Detonation

    6. RX22E Flame Thrower
    Primary: Jet of fire
    Secondary: Fireball
    Special: Jetpack

    7. A52E Skrith Toxic Grenade
    Primary: Throw Grenade
    Secondary: Roll Grenade
    Special: Timed Detonation

    8. A906 Poisoned Skrith Blades
    Primary: Fast hacking
    Secondary: Prepared Hack
    Special: Block

    9. CSAR-74 Assault Weapon
    Primary: Select Fire 5.57mm
    Secondary: Tactical Screen
    Scope Special: Threat Tracker

    10. D66 High-tech Revolver
    Primary: Fire Single
    Secondary: Energy Ball
    Special: Laser Pointer

    11. A85 Skrith Compact Shotgun
    Primary: Single Energy Fire
    Secondary: Triple Energy Fire

    12. A666 Skrith Super Weapon
    Primary Fire: Energy Blasts, Black Hole
    Secondary Fire: Explosive Beam

    13. BR1-NK Combat Assault Rifle
    Primary: Rapid Fire Bullets
    Secondary: Launch Grenade
    Special: Motion Tracker

    14. M46C Scopeless Combat Rifle
    Primary: Variable, High power bullets
    Secondary: Launch Sticky Grenade
    Special: Detonate Sticky Grenades

    15. SSC Sound Blaster
    Primary: Disarming Shockwave
    Secondary: Bowel Disruptor
    Extract the .7z contents into your UT2004 directory. Cut and paste the files into
    their proper Unreal folders.
    .utx goes into C:\UT2004\Textures
    .uax goes into C:\UT2004\Sounds
    .u goes into C:\UT2004\System
    .ucl goes into C:\UT2004\System
    .ukx goes into C:\Ut2004\Animations
    .usx goes into C:\UT2004\StaticMeshes

    Delete BWCache.ini for your UT2004\System folder. The game will automatically create a new one.

    Go to your Ballistic Loadout or Ballistic Weapons mutator in the mutators menu and add the new weapons to the weapon list.

    If you want to host a game with these weapons online, add the following to serverpackages in your UT2004.ini:

    Version history:
    -2.0 Update
    -Fixed log errors caused by bots using weapons that have the scope mode as a firing mode (A40, A600, etc.)
    -Fixed tearing problem that is visible when viewing most of the third person weapon models from a distance
    -Tweaked the descriptions of the CS-AR 74, A666, D66, RX22E, A500E, and A40 to match their respective changes
    -Changed the BR1NK's ammo switching to be uninterruptible
    -Made it so the BR1NK's ammo switching changes the skins of the 1st person model, 3rd person model, and pickup
    -Changed the BR1NK's various icons to account for the new ammo skin
    -The BR1NK's pickup now starts with the firing mode that was last used
    -Changed the radar on the BR1NK to be closer to the radar that appears on the player's HUD
    -Made it so the BR1NK can't shoot grenades and bullets at the same time
    -Changed the BR1NK's grenades to be identical to the M50's grenades in terms of damage
    -Made it so that the BR1NK's radar remains on when the weapon is dropped
    -Made it so the RX22E flamethrower's jetpack function will not work if there is a leak in the tank
    -Increased the health of the RX22E's tank
    -Added recoil to the RX22E's secondary fire
    -Fixed RX22E log warnings caused by the BestMode function
    -Fixed various RX22E damage and projectile warnings
    -Reduced the ammo consumption of the RX22E's tank so as to make the special more useful
    -Changed a texture setting so that the A500E's hit decals no longer tile strangely on certain surfaces
    -Removed the ignited chemical spray mode from the A500E and made it into the weapon's secondary firing mode
    -Changed various effects of the A500's chemical spray to be less like the Dark Star's flames
    -Made it so the A666's projectiles and black holes do not spawn Nova Staff/Dark Star souls
    -Removed the huge shockwave effect from the A666 projectiles
    -Gave the A666 different firing sounds
    -Removed the explosive beam from the A666's primary and made it into the weapon's secondary firing mode
    -Slightly reduced the movement speed slowdown when holding the A666
    -Changed the look of the A666's black holes and projectiles
    -Changed the impact effects of the A666's projectiles
    -Gave the A906 blade poison a motion blur effect (it is fairly inconsistent, but better than nothing)
    -Increased the SSC Sound Blaster's fire rate for its primary firing mode
    -Increased the ammo consumption of the SSC's primary firing mode from 1 to 10
    -Increased the ammo consumption of the SSC's secondary firing mode from 20 to 50
    -Increased the damage and pushback effect of the SSC's primary firing mode
    -Made it so the SSC's secondary charge can no longer be stored
    -Gave the SSC's secondary firing mode a different sound
    -Made it so the SSC will not play its charging animation while using the iron sights
    -Changed the SSC secondary firing mode's damage over time flash effects
    -Gave the A40 an overheating system
    -Gave the CS-AR 74 the SAR's old laser sights and full auto firing mode
    -The CS-AR's laser disables the regular scope view and enables ironsights
    -The CS-AR's zoomed scope now forces full auto mode off
    -Slightly increased the damage of the D66's energy projectiles
    -Added a venting effect to the A512 acid pistol
    -Reduced the size of the A512's muzzle flash
    -Fixed log warnings caused by the A512's projectile damage type
    -Added a shader to the A600 skrith sniper that makes it look better
    -Made it so the A600's primary fire has to be fully charged before shooting
    -Fixed a problem that made the A600's firing work inconsistently online
    -Slightly modified the skrith grenade pickup and projectile models
    -Gave the skrith grenade model new animations
    -Changed the skrith grenades' pin pull and clip release sounds

    -1.0 Final (or not):
    -Increased the lifespan and damage of the A51 acid grenade
    -Fixed log warnings caused by corpses touching the A51's acid
    -The A51 acid grenade now plays a sound when it blows up
    -Gave the A51 and A52E grenades custom flashing ammo icons
    -The A51 acid grenades now do damage when they explode
    -Fixed a problem that made the A51 acid stay in mid-air
    -Fixed a collision problem with the Skrith Grenade static mesh that made the A52E grenade lag the game
    -Made various adjustments to the A500E
    -Fixed a problem with the A500E spray causing log warnings
    -Changed the A600 Skrith Sniper Rifle's crosshair
    -Slightly increased the damage of the A666 projectiles
    -Increased damage of BR1-NK's bullets
    -Fixed a problem with the BR1-NK's sights
    -Made the BR1-NK play the reloading animation when switching ammo types
    -Replicated the distance value for the BR1-NK so that the radar sound changes pitch online
    -Fixed a problem with the BR1-NK's firing rates when the player would use the berserk combo
    -Made it so that the BR1-NK's screen changes in third person when using the radar
    -Replaced CSAR zoom sounds
    -Made the CSAR threat tracker properly highlight projectiles
    -Changed CSAR screen fallback material (for when using renderers that don't show scriptedtextures) to be more accurate to the scope
    -Made it so that the A906 poison effect doesn't do damage when an attack is blocked
    -Removed the blinding effect from the A906 Poison Blades
    -Made the M46C more accurate
    -Partially fixed a problem where the RX22E gas tank's flame would last too long on dedicated servers
    -Increased SSC Sound Blaster's bowel disruptor damage
    -Reduced the time the bowel disruptor effect takes to work
    -Decreased the SSC Sound Blaster's rate of fire for both the primary and secondary firing modes
    -Lowered the position of the SSC Sound Blaster when using the iron sights
    -Changed the SSC Sound Blaster particles so that they disappear more naturally
    -Fixed SSC Sound Blaster log warnings
    -Made the SSC Sound Blaster's primary fire unable to disarm allies in team games
    -Replaced the farting sounds for the SSC's bowel disruptor with louder sounds

    -Beta 1:
    -Initial release

    Download links:
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2016
  2. Carbon

    Carbon Altiloquent bloviator.

    Mar 23, 2013
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    Thanks Al! You are pretty tireless too it seems...your work is much appreciated! :)
  3. Median12

    Median12 Mapper

    Sep 18, 2012
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    Nice one..
  4. AlCapowned

    AlCapowned Member

    Jan 20, 2010
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