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Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Dr.Strangelove, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. Dr.Strangelove

    Dr.Strangelove New Member

    Aug 25, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Downloaded it,played it,hated it.

    Maybie i should read that manual I have been avoiding for all this time . :p
    A few corrections to my preferences and keys..etc..etc.
    After that I understood and gave it a another try.
    Now I liked it......Oh baby!!! And how.


    The one and only major con to 2.86 .
    What the hell is this collision thing all about anyway?
    This is realy weirding me out.
    Is the wall problem going to be fixed?
    On some maps its like an invisable map brush that prevents you from reaching spots that were once reachable.
    I tried turning it off in the input options with no results.
    As a long in the tooth Action quake2 player I expect Im going to have to sacrifice some freedom due to the realistic thing but limited movement while huging a wall is not what I expected.
    As a maper i find this restricting as well.

    The only other bug worth note is the toggle run.Its just tricky getting back to walk from the jog setting(and its not an on line problem as I have same problem off line).
    No big deal.Just dont use toggle and its great.

    OK nuf bout the negative.Now the pros........
    Net play and all round feel is way improved.And I mean way improved.I dont know if this is a result of the collision system everyone has been taking about but it sure is a joy not seeing Phone jack all the time anymore.Stable? oh yeah!

    The sniper was another thing i hated at first but gave it a chance and warmed up to it.Although the bob is way increased I did not find this a problem due to the accuracy of it now.Never thought i would admit that.

    I think I tested off line more so then off line due to the fact the bots are such an improvement.I love AI so this was a real treat.

    But the the thing I liked more so than anything was the movement changes.Funny cuz this is what turned me off within the first few minutes off testing 2.86.
    Its just amaizing to me the type of combat situations that arise due to this.It reminded me of the old Nintendo 007 game(what the hell was the name of that game again? lol) in which some pretty realistic scenarios take place.I found that whomever i recomended this game to thought the speed was to slow.
    I think this has been addressed in this release.Outstanding action as a result with much better standoffs.

    All round Im pretty blown away .
    I can think of no other mod I would rather map for.
    Congadulatins INF team on a ground breaking mod and final release.
    We all owe you guys for your hard work .

    Keep it real.....


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