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Broadband connection trouble Please HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Hardware, Software & Troubleshooting' started by Oreo, Aug 3, 2000.

  1. Oreo

    Oreo New Member

    Mar 18, 2000
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    My office recently subscribed to a 5 GHz wireless broadband internet service. I am able to get a synchronous 1mbps connection (4 mbps until they start choking off subscribers based on the connection rate they paid for). The receiver antenna has a built-in router which acts as a gateway to the internet, but does not provide internet accessible IPs. The wireless ISP has provided us with internet IPs on their router mapped to our internal IPs, which allows me to setup VPN and FTP on my server. Here's the question, when I tried to run a UT server, it doesn't show up on the master server list. It shows up on the internal network just fine. I assume it's because UT is trying to report my internal IP instead of my internet accessible IP. Is there a way to manually tell UT what my internet IP is and have it broadcast both the internet IP and my internal IP?


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