BR-CBP2-Aquarius Review

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Zer0 as a number
Apr 12, 2002
In the Borderlands..
Hey there,

review not to shabby... the score seems low for that quality of a map I would have expected 7-7.5, 6 was kind of harsh....

I dont think its set in stone that BR has to been in open spaces... :eek:

about the ball being on the lower level...well it is compensated by jumpads next to it to grab the ball and go back up and keep running or jump down and grab the ball and run the lower route

thats my thoughts...but hey I guess its your review your opinion...everyone is entitled to it.
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enemy of time
Sep 1, 2000
Sarasota, FL
Your welcome. I just thought it was a good attempt at indoor BR and I didn't think it played all that bad. I wonder what other people think about this map?