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Bored over Xmas? Something to read...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr Shambler, Dec 25, 1999.

  1. Mr Shambler

    Mr Shambler Guest

    May or may not entertain people but it sure as hell entertains me and anyone who gives me feedback on it. Since nowhere else is updating, check out TEAMShambler FPS Demos and Discussion ( http://www.team-sh.dircon.co.uk/ ) for all sorts of malarkey including: Depravity!! Bestiality!! Quake3Arena!! etc etc =). Not like those 3 are equivalent of anything :p. Don't worry, no pr0n, all the depravity is in crude, vulgar and occasionally hilarious IRC chat logs. Always news and views and other stuff like articles and unique demos there too...plenty of Unreal related stuff.

    Unreal, Na Pali and custom map speedrun demos at
    TEAMShambler FPS Demos and Discussion

    The Shambler also reviews Unreal SP levels at Nali City

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