Bitch Slap

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Baitshop opening soon.
Apr 9, 2000
Nali City, Florida
It’s new! It’s fantastic! It’s the Bitch Slap by Bonko.

Is your woman messin’ with your head? Give her the Bitch Slap! Are you tired of her being right all the time? Bitch Slap that no-good know-it-all!

Here’s how it works! Bitch Slap is made of 4 pounds of solid iron. Just go upside her head a time or two with Bitch Slap and she will see God. Bitch Slap even comes with a handle on top to give you that extra whip to bash her even while she’s running away. Now I can’t do this all day, but if you order now, I’ll also send you the Bitch Muzzle; just pay separate shipping and handling. Making that mouthy bitch STFU could never be easier.