BeyondUnreal Podcast #25: Five Controversial Issues

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Feb 3, 2000
We are back from a long break and here is the first BeyondUnreal Podcast of the new year (yes, we are on #25 and I have been really lazy about posting news on these podcasts but we do keep doing them! Subscribe to us on Youtube to keep up with the releases).

This week we talk about a few of the more controversial issues in the game right now. Enjoy!



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Mar 15, 2005
Waco, Texas
I honestly stopped watching around 11 (maybe a tad later) I think. Even though I am subscribed to the channel, in large part because it's not on the news page. It helps with timing and how peculiarly organized I do things.

I may have missed some episodes also, but to a much lesser extent, I suppose because I have yet to upgrade my video card so I can play the game (other then by temporarily swapping cards in the middle of the night with my wife's PC) and so lacking the ability to dig in and contribute I sometimes don't bother to keep up.

I can't say much on the feel of the weapons, clearly I don't have the context. I couldn't agree more though on the matter of the HUD. Except perhaps to the comment about contrasting colors. Contrasting colors can be leveraged very effectively and in fact is almost essential to visual navigation... That said, in what I could see in the vid at least, they didn't look very effectively leveraged.


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Feb 24, 2008
Thanks for posting. I've been using these podcasts to keep up on on the UT development for quite a while now.

You guys talked about how the movement needs improvement. I'd definitely say in general, it's too slow. The only exception to that would be when sprint kicks in, but obviously that's rarely useful. A simple jump or turning sharply kills that momentum, so there goes some of the fluidity. Strafing is also too slow.

Something about the gravity seems to be off too. When jumping from a lift, the player is gently lofted about in the air, with a nice slow cushion landing. I compared this with UT99 and the difference is pretty clear. Of course, this movement may be a consequence of another problem I currently have with the game, and that would be...

Map scaling. Especially with the CTF maps, it's like we have environments better suited for a game like UT2k4 with translocators that fly further, and players that can dodge jump to get around faster. It doesn't help that these maps have some large open areas that probably make it all seem worse.

This might be over-simplifying things, but to me it seems we currently have a game with map scaling better suited to UT2k4, but with a movement mechanic that lies somewhere between UT99 and UT2k4.


Jun 21, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
Brizz and TWD are right. It's just so slow. There's also not enough to keep me playing for very long. Yeah, it's UT, but to keep me interested, I need more than just UT. I keep feeling like I've played this game before. And I have... 15 years ago.

I wish I had suggestions, but I don't. :\
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