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Battlefield Unreal

Discussion in 'Inspirational ideas' started by CVsym, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. CVsym

    CVsym New Member

    Jan 19, 2004
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    This would be a conversion of Onslaught to make it more like the Battlefield series and therefore more team based. It wouldn't be a very big change, but just a few script tweaks. When you start a map, the map screen will come up but with a class choice too - here's a list of the classes:

    Assault - Shield Gun, Dual Assault Rifles, Minigun, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher.

    Support - Shield Gun, Flak Cannon, Shock Rifle, Link Gun.

    Spy - Shield Gun, Translocator, Enemy Team Color, Suicide Ion Explosion.

    Heavy Assault - Shield Gun, Assault Rifle, Redeemer (1 shot per spawn).

    Anti-Vehicle - Shield Gun, Grenade Launcher, AVRIL.

    Sniper - Shield Gun, Assault Rifle, Shock Rifle, Lightning Gun.

    Recon - Shield Gun, Sniper Rifle, Translocator.

    In all of that, relying on team mates would be very very important. The other thing that would change is the way Onslaught was played. All players spawn in their own base at start. This base cannot be taken by enemies. All of the nodes in the map will not work the same way as they originally do. A player will only have to stand on top of the node to start to convert it to their bases. Think of it as the flags in BF1942 and BFV, you will need to stand by it and form it into your bases. If you stand on top of an enemy node, theirs will drain and when it's to nothing they cannot spawn on it and you will begin to convert it to yours. Nodes cannot be damaged, they need to be stood on. If more than one player is standing on it than it increases faster. The way to win would be to hold more than half of the nodes on the map, when this happens the enemy's points will drain (the starting points is determined beforehand by server) and when they go to nothing they lose. When a player dies, a point is dropped too. There isn't many complex things to it, but it really does change onslaught around. Leviathons would also be used as a team spawn point, and you'd spawn right in a turret. It will only spawn once though so teams better take care of it and keep a support class nearby. Link guns will also heal characters along with vehicles. The weapon cashes would be replaced with Ammo crates that the player would need to stand next to to refil their ammo. When a player dies, they drop their class weapon and the player can change their class by dropping theirs when standing on it.

    One important factor would be the spy class. They would be in the enemy's color skin, but they would keep the same name. If the enemy pays enough attention to see their name is not on their team list, then it's shooting fish in a barrel because spies do not have any ranged weapon except for suicide which does not go far anyways.

    This would work for all onslaught maps, and wouldn't take many new scriptings - only tweaks. I've been thinking about this game mode for a long time and I think it would be a great modification to the Unreal series. If you would like more ideas or anything else about this mode, please e-mail me at cv_symphony@msn.com

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