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Discussion in 'Games' started by Fugitive, Apr 10, 2001.

  1. Fugitive

    Fugitive -

    Apr 10, 2001
    Likes Received:

    People interested in making a "Stargate SG1" mod for Dues Ex.
    The mod will be big if it goes through, and will basically be a TC (Total Conversion). I will require experienced, or very talented people in order to create a mod of this size.

    People who possess any of the following skills are currently needed to get this show on the road:

    - Level Designers, to design and create the maps for the mod.
    - Modellers, to create weopon and player models.
    - Texture Artists, to create the world textures, etc to be used in the maps.
    - Scripters/Coders, People who will be able to write the actual coding of the mod, code an AI if necissary, etc. and bring the whole lot together.
    - Sound Artists, people who are able to compose and create sound effects, as well as music for the mod. Possibly people that may be able to do voices for the various characters, but not until further development.
    - Story Writers, People with a vivid imagination, and an excellent knowledge about the Stargate TV show.

    Mod Concept:
    Below are the ideas that I hope to be able to include in the mod:
    - Single Player Missions. At the start of each mission, you are briefed at the SGC, where you recieve your mission objectives. You then proceed to the world by which your mission is to be completed. From that world you may need to gate to other worlds to retrieve information and/or equipment, people, etc in order to complete the current mission
    - Multiplayer Co-Op: Where by you will be able to play the single player missions with friends co-operatively.
    - Multiplayer Only: Where by you will be able verse people, perhaps deathmatch only, or possibly an advanced multiplayer gameplay with objectives, such as "Assault" on Unreal Tournament.

    Please contact me at Shane@navy.org if you are interested. Or you can ICQ me – 54386091

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