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Anyone here played AQ2?

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by XSenergy, Oct 18, 1999.

  1. XSenergy

    XSenergy Guest

    I think infiltration should have broken legs, bleeding, and bandaging /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

    Infiltration has some of the most realistic weapons (more realistic than Action Quake), but the damage is not as close as it can be.
  2. Darkliege

    Darkliege Guest

    Those and more are planned for V3. Please do not say the "AQ" word, it is blasphomy. They must be forgotten if we are to move into the light that is Infiltration.
  3. Catalyst

    Catalyst Guest

    AQ2 has already accused us of ripping them off, so I'm leery of doing anything else similar to them. If we do have bleeding or some sort of severe limb damage, we will attempt to handle it differently.
  4. Billdog

    Billdog Guest

    Broken bones are rare in gunshot wounds caused by the more common small arms. The .50 BMG however...
  5. XSenergy

    XSenergy Guest

    I know, I was afraid the A word wasn't allowed here, but I just don't feel penalized when I get shot. Or I don't feel the other player I shoot is hindered. Maybe if you get arm damage, you should be less accurate, or getting shot in the leg makes you fall, or getting shot at all makes you slower. I still think there should be some system of bleeding. Bandaging in 10 seconds is pretty unrealistic. There should be permanent damage and blood clotting /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

  6. Billdog

    Billdog Guest

    Look here.
  7. XSenergy

    XSenergy Guest

    Thanks BillDog. That's cool, which features will make it to version 3?

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