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any unrealed users?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by «BuA»Meat, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. «BuA»Meat

    «BuA»Meat Silent Assassin

    Oct 27, 2003
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    are you familiar with this ?

    How to make Custom Flags
    on your UT2003 or UT2004 server
    Version 1.2 Updated 12/04/04

    I have used the following key but you can basically name the files as you want.

    Flaglogo.utx = .utx File containing flag logos A & B
    FlagA = blue team logo
    FlagB = red team logo
    FlagA.BMP = raw logo
    FlagB.BMP = raw logo

    N.B* don't include the "" in the file edits, just the line inside them.

    1. Flag Stuff

    You need some knowledge of UTed.

    Once you have created your new logo's (in your own choice of program) save them as 256 * 256 alpha channelled on.
    I use paint shop pro and have found that you need to Set Transparency and save them as 24bit FlagA.BMP & FlagB.BMP which works fo me. Other formats may work but this is what I now use.

    Open up UTed and import the file into the texture browser. This is where it gets tricky, you will need to sort the alpha mask out by messing with the import setting. Save the logos as FlagA and FlagB with the masked box ticked. I have found by trial & error (if its saved as above) that this works but you need to find out what works best for you.

    If you are using the same logo on both flags you still need it saved twice with different names.

    You now need to open the properties up by right clicking on the logo and select properties. In the following drop down menu click on Texture

    Line UClampMode should be changed to TC_Clamp

    Line VClampMode should be changed to TC_Clamp

    Now save the Flaglogo.utx

    This clamping prevents the repeating of the Logo on the flag.

    If you want to see the flags yourself in instant action, Start the game then open the console and type this line
    "Start CTF-Chrome.ut2?game=XGame.xCTFGame?BlueTeamSymbol=Flaglogo.FlagA?RedTeamSymbol=Flaglogo.FlagB?"

    I have used CTF-Chrome as an example map. I don’t know how to permanently make it use the logos with out typing that line in every time.

    2. Server Stuff

    Needs Admin access.

    The Flaglogo.utx file will now need to be uploaded to your server into the Textures folder
    To your ut2004.ini/server.ini (depends which you use) add the line "ServerPackages=Flaglogo"
    If you use a redirect site make sure the file is uploaded there.
    Download RunServer.bat (in the System folder) and edit this line into it:


    Be careful here, screw it up and your server stops working (take a copy first)
    Save and upload the file and start your server.

    If all has gone right you should be seeing your Logos

    Could be great to have our custom flags on our server here's what i did.

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