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All Out Fairy Tale - Starting Mod looking for Help

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by TTR_Delirium, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. TTR_Delirium

    TTR_Delirium Lord

    Jul 24, 2001
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    I'm currently in the process of making a new mod for which I require help.
    Small explanation of what the mod will be:

    All Out Fairy Tale is a total conversion for UT2003/4 which aims back to bring a fun and special game to the multiplayer communities. It will be a first person beat'm up based on the old beat'm ups we all grew up with. You play as one of the non-kiddy and totally ripped out of context fairy tale characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf and many others. These fighters will battle it out in the enchanted land which will prove to be even more gruesome than the kids stories. Expect violent battles with characters that mean business, you'll never look at The Ugly Ducklin in the same way after playing this game. Experience new gameplay types with rarely and unseen gameplay with this tongue-in-cheek setting that will portray another, more darker and disturbing, fairy tale world.
    A few of the upcoming and planned features...
    - multiplayer first person beat 'm up with later devellopment into single player
    - play with 15+ unique characters based on the famous fairy tales we all grew up with
    - fight with different kinds of weapons ranging from guns to swords to... a big piece of ham o_O
    - use tactics in your gameplay to set aside a clean victory by using booby traps
    - fight battles ranging from 1vs1 to 15vs1 to an all out war, team up and beat your foes
    - every fighter has their special moves and abilities which can be used in battle
    - taunt your foe
    - build your rage and get into an alternate and more powerfull mode
    - music based on kids songs we all grew up with but, like the rest of the mod, with an edge... ever heard "Ring around the Rosy" with a metal riff?
    - forget the fact that fiary tales are kiddy, we'll show the true meaning of the fairy tale which are already not kiddy... or you think pushing an old hag in an oven and burning her alive is suitable for children? Well All Out Fairy Tale goes further.
    - Realism in a fantasy setting? Ironsights, balistics, real life physics and much more in combination with the fantasy... pick up your enemy weapons and objects in the map... but choose wisely cause your not some Quaking Rambo.
    - Interactive environments that will aid you in your victory in more ways than one
    - New and revised gameplays some of which who are unconventional to say the least
    - two words: "finish him"
    - much more more, this is just the dough, you haven't even seen or heared of the icing let alone of the cherry.
    - round I, fight!

    Since we are just starting we're looking for everyone that can help. As lead I'm responsable of the PR and concept, and am currently making the character designs as well as making more of the concept but ofcourse I need help.
    I'm looking for:


    3d modelling programs are your second nature, you like to create models, static meshes, weapons in 3D Studio, Lightwave or others. You are dedicated and have enough spare time to give us at least something each period.

    You know Uscript and you like to toy with it like you're some kind of God. You like to look passed the code and create something new, something unique. We are mainly looking for experienced uscript coders to build the foundation of the mod. Novice coders may be selected on later occasions so the experienced will guide them in the process.

    Creating life from dead objects is your thing, you love a challenge and you like to bring character in the models. You like to surpass the boundaries of the polygon and breathe life into the work you or others have created.

    Skinners and Texturers
    your profile: Painting worlds is something you love, you like to create textures and skins for objects that have no face. you can adapt to styles and are capable of creating something special.

    Sound Engineers
    your profile: FX, voices and ambiences flow from your speakers like spit from your mouth. You can create realistic sounding sounds from scratch,

    Music Composers
    your profile: you like to create music that fits a theme, that can act as pounding drums before the battle. You can create music in several styles, ranging from metal to schl├Ąger.

    your profile: unreal editor doesn't make you go into a violent fit throwing your pc against your walls or worse, your cats. You can make maps that look good and are made intelligently with a nice gameplay... your loathe your standard UT map of which there are one in a dozain. You can handle several gameplay types to incorporate in your map.


    Many plans have been drawn out already and we will make new plans but we need the people to get it rolling. Currently we got "only" 2 members, me, sketches and a very detailed concept that can be perfected. I'm currently making enough stuff to make a decent, enough contented site. The rest, once more, is something you guys can help me with.

    So please, if your interested: give me a "call".

    Email: master_therion@go.com
    MSN: MansematPraecox165@hotmail.com
    PM: Below ;)

    "Any" question, ofcourse will be answered as well as other stuff I can help with.


    PS Below are some characterdesigns/sketches... Depicted are: Little Red who packs more in her basket then a loaf of bread and is always eager to open her hand to get some money from dear ol' grandma. The Forester, runaway Nazi Officer who has successfully searched shelter and flight from his dark past in the Enchanted Forest. And The Frog King, who, after being kissed by the princess -unlike the stories tell- didn't turn into a handsome prince but remained a frog, built an empire and is now troubled when the infamous Giant kidnapped his daughters.

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    Last edited: Nov 10, 2003

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