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Advisable to use 2 soundcards?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Software & Troubleshooting' started by DeDpoet|BuF, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. DeDpoet|BuF

    DeDpoet|BuF Only this, & nothing more...

    Dec 6, 2001
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    Well in lieu of sound issues, I was thinking of using the 6 channel (5.1) setup of my onboard audio (chipset: Cmedia CMI9739A). The thing is that in order to use 5.1, I'd have to give up the mic jack (would be the center speaker).

    So I'm thinking of installing an older 4.1 PCI soundcard I already have just so I can have a mic input.

  2. Swedix

    Swedix Retired from UT2004

    Apr 19, 2000
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    I use my onboard sound for surround as well, Nvidia Soundstorm.

    To be able to use a headset without having to unplug the surround speakers and change the settings for my sound, I tried with an extra soundcard, an old SB Live.
    But i got a lot of noises from it. Couldn't use voice comms due all the noise.
    I tried different pci-slot and drivers but still had the noise.

    On the other hand, I heard people who are using a pci soundcard in conjunction with onboard sound and they have no problem.
    Some told me it has to do with the design of the motherboard. I don't know.

    The solution for me is to run the voice comm on my 2nd computer.

    So i guess you have to try if it will work for you.

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