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A few suggestions, some bugs, and a few more notes.

Discussion in 'New Version Suggestions' started by Sneechy, Mar 19, 2001.

  1. Sneechy

    Sneechy Guest

    * When I start an INF-CTF game, UT gets all excited and keeps spawning new bots, while at the same time removing them, never starting the game.

    * When you are standing and you walk into a wall which makes you crouch (because it's a sloped wall), and then move back again, you remain crouched and cannot stand up until you go prone first (I've had this problem in Deck16).

    * I really like your gun-moving while not view-moving aiming kinda thing, can't explain it, but it feels great.

    * Reskin the MP5 (the model that other players see when you carry it), because it sucks.

    * Let's say I got an MP5 and an M16 in my backpack. I play a round and I end the round (alive) carrying the M16. Now when the next round starts, I respawn with the MP5 in my hands, instead of the M16, I hate that..

    * Make the menu buttons readable for 640x480 users. Be nice.

    I'll let ya know as soon as I find anything else. Keep up the good work !

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