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400b11 links here

Discussion in 'BDB' started by WebSlinger, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. WebSlinger

    WebSlinger bNotNegative != False

    Feb 29, 2000
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  2. BDB

    BDB New Member

    May 9, 2000
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    And another with the change list:

    MapVote Version 4.00 b11 For Unreal Tournament 2003 available.
    Download MapVote400b11.zip
    Change List :
    4.00 b10 - Reduced the size of the Logo and moved it to an unused location on the screen. Also made the location and 
               size modifable on the client side via user.ini settings and reduced the the amount of time it is displayed 
               to 5 seconds.
             - Added bShowLogo client side configuration variable and Check box on Config tab to change it. Allows players
               to turn off the MapVote Logo.
             - Fixed failed server travel (because of bad map) inifinite loop problem when bRestartWithLastMap=True.
             - Player list box no longer contains Admins
             - Fixed Top 10 List click event. It now properly selects the correct gametype, map, and makes the map selection
               visible in the maplist when you click a map name in the Top 10 list box.
             - Map names are now sorted in alphabetic order on the client side in the map list box.
             - The Kick Voting tab is now removed if Kick voting is disabled (bKickVote=False)
             - The default HotKey is no longer set to the home key. If you do not have a key set or bound it will search 
               keys A - Z for an unused key and automatically set it to the first available. If no available keys are found
               then it does not set any default. 
             - Added "Mutate MapVote Menu" console command for opening the MapVote window. Alternative in above case were 
               no available keys are found. Note: Clients and server must be patched to 2153 or higher for this to work.
             - It will now use the HotKey setting from the previous version so you dont have to reconfigure the key everytime
               there is a MapVote upgrade.
             - Added Acronym variable to GameConfig settings which will be appended to map names in messages to help identify 
               game type for map. Example: Acronym=MUT - "JoePlayer voted for DM-MapName(MUT)"
             - Added support for RoAR UT2k3Assault game type. Doenst open the voting window at the end of the 1st half of the game.
             - Change GUI background from transparent to the background image from the InstantAction menu.
             - Added a message list box, which changes its width automatically. If the "Say" text box or the message listbox has 
               focus then the listbox will expand to the right moving the Top10List up over the Map Screen shot image.
               Clicking the Map list box will cause the message listbox to reduce its width bringing the top10list back down.
               The message list box will hold the last 10 messages sent.
             - Map list is now loaded by a maplist loader. Independant from the Game types. No more duplicated map names.
             - Moved bUseMapList from the GameConfig ini settings and Default Maplist loader.
             - Prefix settings can now have multiple prefixes separated by commas.
    4.00 b11 - Fixed bug that prevented players from changing their votes. (could only vote once)
             - Fixed bug that cause the server to switch to the first map in the list (usually DM-1on1-Crash)
               when all player left the server.
             - Fix the bug that prevented the loading of mapnames if bUseMapList=False and MapNamePrefixes   
               has only one Prefix. 
             - Removed unnessessary call to GetDefaultMap function
             - Moved the display position of the HotKey setting to above the Logo on the HUD
               so that it could be seen easier. Also increased the logo display time back
               to 10 seconds to make sure players see their HotKey setting.
             - Changed the default HotKey back to HOME key. If HOME key is being used for something
               else then it will search for an unused key. 
             - Double clicking the Top10 Map ListBox will submit a vote now.
             - Added DefaultGameConfig and bDefaultToCurrentGameType to configuration.
                * DefaultGameConfig is a number that corresponds to the GameConfig you want the server to
                  default to when all players leave. 0 is default. Does NOT apply when bDefaultToCurrentGameType=True.
                * bDefaultToCurrentGameType can be True or False. Set to True and the server will change to 
                  a map belonging to the current GameConfig instead of the DefaultGameConfig when all players leave.
             - Added additional code for choosing default maps/gametypes when all players leave the server.
               1. Randomly choose map for default gametype, map must be enabled and have a prefix that belongs
                  to the default GameConfig. 
               2. If after 100 attempts it doesn't find a matching map then it will scan from the top of the map
                  list util it finds a map that is enabled and has a prefix that belongs to the default GameConfig.
               3. If that fails (Elimination mode probably), then it scans the map list from the top and finds 
                  the first enabled map. It then sets the gametype to the first GameConfig that has the same prefix
                  as the map.
             - Modified network replication for MapVoteReplicationInfo class.
                * Added bNetInitial to variable replication statements
                * Change NetPriority from 3 to 1
                * Change NetUpdateFrequency from the default of 10 to 1

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