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2 ideas

Discussion in 'Mod/Mutator Ideas' started by The[BOOM]Champ, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. The[BOOM]Champ

    The[BOOM]Champ Giblet Regurgitator

    Feb 4, 2002
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    i think i may have come up with a plausible idea here...


    :redflag: :instagib:

    i find it really annoying when my teammates get in the way of my shots. In really crowded rooms, you can never get a shock combo with out a teammate saying "DUH!!!!", waltzing right in front of you, and intercepting either the shock ball or beam. even worse is when you unload a wad of rockets and a teamate says "DUH!!!" and jumps right in front of you so that the rockets detonate in your face. in this case you not only let the flag carrier go, but you kill yourself in the process. if someone could make a mod that allows your projectiles/shots to pass through your teammates, everyone would be happy. this would also keep those pesky team killers from being evil.

    This idea is not plausible in any way what so ever. (but funny)
    ... probably not the first to come up w/ this one...


    I think it would be GOREgous if you could shoot peoples limbs off, but they can battle on, spraying blood from their stumps. like if you shot someones leg off, they would hop around on their remaining leg. If both their legs are shot off they could crawl around with their arms. If you shoot shoot someones arm that is holding a gun off, the player will drop the weapon. when they pick it back up again, it is held in the other hand. if both arms are shot off... well you can immagine how funny it would be to watch 'em run around for awhile, then finish them off. :D. if both arms and both legs are shot off (well maybe they should be dead at that point), they will become an immoble bloodfountain, but can bite your kneecaps off if you get too close. Im pretty sure that UT doesnt calculate collisions to a degree at wich ceartain limbshots are detectable :( . Maybe this one if for UT2. I realize that you might have to make hopping/crawling animations for each different model for it to work, and that would be implausable. i have however found this one mod on modsquad that makes players flip arround alot and it works with any model you can find. it is way to small to contain hundreds of character animations, so i dont think you would have to make the animations, just find out how that guy made players flip around alot... i forgot the name of the mod... i will look for it

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