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Jul 28, 2009
Jan 22, 2008
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WarTourist was last seen:
Jul 28, 2009
    1. Benfica
      Hey dude, what are you doing these days?

      Merry Christmas :)
    2. UBerserker
      I didn't expect it...

      Well, good luck Jeff :)
    3. TheIronKnuckle
      Yeah, even though i bashed a few of your posts i'm still sad to find out that you have left epic.
      What are you going to do now? Obviously not the ut3 expansion.....
    4. RoninMastaFX
      Sorry about to hear that you left Epic, Jeff. :( Hopefully we can see you still sometimes. :)
    5. RoninMastaFX
      Jeff, UT3DOM is out. It's been getting great success. You have my complete and full permission to port it to the XBOX 360 UT3 if you 1337 folks at Epic want to (and I know you guys probably will, because you're all too damn 1337!! :) ).

      Many thanks,

    6. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      I finally played UT3 and Gears Of War,and hell yeah,you guys of Epic Games are hellish awesome,both games are the bettest things ever!You guys are rock'in marvellous!:)
    7. RoninMastaFX
      Jeff, just wanted to congratulate you on the amount of fixes in UT3 Patch 3 Beta 1. :D You and Epic really outdid yourselves. :) You and the folks @ Epic Games=win! :-)
    8. Flak
      Sup bossman!?
    9. JohnDoe641
      Why don't you add me as a friend?

      I wanted to add you. :mad:!@
    10. DarkSonny
      Dude dont pay too much attemption to the classic whiners as said:
      "Hapiness is there for who knows enjoy for it in your hands not to who dont know how enjoy and they isnt happy with all"

      Pd: Dont ask me where I listened from only its stay grabbed in my mind :D:D and keep your mind unreal you guys rocks! xd
    11. Argus
      I am on this page.
      Keep up the good work!
    12. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      Keep it Unreal. :)
    13. JohnDoe641
      I have now viewed your profile.
    14. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Hey,what's up buddy ?:)

      Hope you are doing great!:)

      Stay Unreal WarTourist.:D

      See ya!:-)
    15. RoninMastaFX
      Hmm, I seem to be glitched on your friends list, Jeff. :(

      Edit1: Seems to be fixed now. :D
    16. Kantham
      OMG TouristWarz. :-)
    17. ShredPrince
      Need an Avy Jeff? Surely not at Epic Gamezz
    18. RoninMastaFX
      Hey Jeff. You are doing an excellent job! I just wanted to let you know that I am writing a suggestion list for a possible UT3.5 upgrade (as of UT2004 was to UT2003). But these suggestions are completely optional. :) But I love UT3 so much, Domination had to have been brought back. Wouldn't have the "ut99" feel without it :)

      You rock man! :-)
    19. Deapblade
      Hi Jeff, thanks for the reading and the posts man. I can't believe you guys are doing this.
      Keep up the good work!
    20. ne_skaju
      Hy Jeff you still havent avatar.
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