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Dec 16, 2014
Feb 11, 2007
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Dec 16, 1989 (Age: 30)
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London, Ontario, Canada

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Unreal/UT Vet from Day 1, 30, from London, Ontario, Canada

RoninMastaFX was last seen:
Dec 16, 2014
    1. NeoNite
      Happy Birthday RoninmastaFx :bigbdaycake:
    2. Exus Tecius
      Exus Tecius
      happy b-day ronin :)
      watchout you are getting stone old :P
    3. Exus Tecius
      Exus Tecius
      hey there :)
      whats up ? all fine ?
      ronin give us moar mods and moar muts hahaha .....(maniac laughter :P )

      nice profile theme.
    4. RoninMastaFX
      Damnit, this new theme needs to be tweaked heavily =/

      Edit: Getting there. ^^ Still needs a bit more tweaking till perfection occurs! :-)

      Edit2: Almost done. ^^ Just need to blend and finalize the look :)

      Edit3: Alright, done for now. :D Hopefully you BuFers will like my useprage! :-) Any c&c welcome! :)
    5. BlackCheetah
      I have no internet
    6. Delacroix
      Hi there. Check my sig to find out something... interesting.
    7. RoninMastaFX
      For everyone who wants to look at my 97% complete forum that I am making for the Unreal/UT scene....just click the link here --> http://www.roninfx.co.cc/roninut

      It's called RoninUT Forums, and it's a forum that I'm trying to experiment with. :) If it becomes successful, then I'll keep it going, and buy a new server, move it from my website with ads onto a new domain with a hosting that is completely adless, but if it doesn't go through, then I'll shut it down. :) As I said, it is an experiment. Anyone who is interested in become a staff member, PM me. :)
    8. 16MentalTempest
      Hahaha. I logged in today for the first time in MONTHS and I just read your comment and I already kinda feel that urge to get up...err...sit down in front of the laptop and start mapping again. I just hope NC returns; its a great site and it got me started on UT all those year ago. ;)
    9. MeanyMortal
      Thank's for the birthday wishes mate! :)
    10. RoninMastaFX
      Famous...? I'd definatly think so!! :D XD XD LOL!
    11. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Yeah you did! Seems like you are kinda famous at BUF.:D
    12. RoninMastaFX
      OMFG...I broke the 100 friend limit :eek: O_O
    13. Anuban
      Hey man did you go and See the Dark Knight this weekend? I heard it was awesome and it broke the box office record set by Spidey3 last year. Anyway hope you are still doing well. Take it EZ.
    14. SaD
      No problem RoninMastaFX ,

      thanx for the message :-)

      Best Regards
    15. DarkSonny
      Great wrk for UT2DOM team ...keep unreal as is and keep patching the bugs you shall found in the way

    16. Leonardo
      WOOHOO! The Box arrived yesteday and we got the upgrades installed. Now all we have to do is wait for the dvd and we can start the UT2004 server next.
    17. UBerserker
      UT3 Domination is pretty f***ing awesome. Great work here.
    18. RoninMastaFX
      Thanks man. :) It was extremely challenging for my very first major mod (well, UT3DOM is the first mod that I've ever started and finished in my life (basically my first one ever tbh XD)), but it went through nicely with probably being the best mod for ut3 ever, which to me I can give myself a pat on my back (and everyone else involved in UT3DOM :-) :D ).

      I'm just surprised though about UT3DOM. It wasn't originally in the blueprints to be a massively major mod nor the best mod for UT3 ever, it was originally designed for people who like domination, since I thought the amount of people who liked Domination was relatively small. My original vision was totally incorrect and opposite from the reality of now. Imho, I'm one lucky mother-****ing son-of-a-bitch. :D XD
    19. Raynor.Z
      Hey RoninMasta, congratulations for you and your DOM team on shipping final release! ;)
    20. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      LOL buddy,it's good to have many nice friends,you know.:)

      How are you anyway ?!:)

      See Ya!:-)
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    Dec 16, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    London, Ontario, Canada
    Computers, Unreal & UT