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Dec 27, 2017
Feb 18, 2000
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Inhumane, from Redwood City, CA USA

Metakill was last seen:
Dec 27, 2017
    1. Metakill
      Sorry for the delay, just noticed I got this notification.

      I've played all the UT series and original Unreal online. I have never been in a clan, however, other than playing on and off at FragBU for many years. Incidentally, I work at the Marshall's in Foster City.
    2. alex904
      Hey Dude,
      What UT did you play and what clan if it's not a secret? Many people in Bay Area were involved in LGI in UT99 times. Most of the teams on OGL and TWL were from West Coast. We even had LAN's and beer gatherings here. Well, it's all died now. :(
      Our clan page is www.idaclan.org. I live in Foster City and we had couple members from Redwood City. One of them was into music and even jammed with Sugar Ray. :)
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    Occupation: Student, Musician

    Music (Rock,Punk,Classical,crazy); Asian culture & language; Computer Programming