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Oct 18, 2020 at 6:26 PM
Jun 7, 2001
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take a chance

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Oct 18, 2020 at 6:26 PM
    1. Median12
      Thanks meowcat, they just was I have been looking for.
    2. Median12
      Okay I found them. I am after if these you have them of course:






      If you have those I would be so more than grateful if you've moved them over to UnrealEd3.0 as .usx

      You'll be Credited in the Occupant17 Mod of course.

      I am not that interested in their Materials/Textures but I expect they come along for the ride :) I have taken a few UT3 Materials/Textures before because some are great but I have no idea how to grab the StaticMeshes.
    3. Median12
      Hi, I understand you converted some rock staticMeshes from UT3 onto UnrealEd 3.0 (UT2004)?
      If so could I have a file? They had some really good jagged rock formations which i'd love to use on my Mod.
    4. meowcat
      The pic was of a character model in my mod YARM. I may be able to set it up as a standalone skin/model, but that won't happen until maybe later this month (have to rig it to the UT2kx skeletal rig, set up teamskins then test a lot etc). Right now the model uses my own custom animations which are really compliant with UT2kX's expected animation names.
    5. TurdDrive
      meow cat, you know your avatar has a pic of a soldier, well can the skin be downloaded?
    6. Cody Lavery
      Cody Lavery
      hey dont mean to be weird, but you should check this site.
      me and a buddy have been making it for an Unreal Modding tutorial repository, youve given some helpful answers before, thought you might be interested. its also got a mod database.
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    "What do you mean it doesn't exist clientside?"
    Meowcat's Mods for UT2K4:
    Yet Another Real-life Mod: Class-based play, generic realistic weapons, unoriginal gameplay, w/ cheap COD4 knockoff, parkour player moves :)
    TD Vehicles v125: HMMWV, MI4Hound, Black Hawk & AH-6 Helicopters, Motorcycle, IFAV Jeep, Abrams Tank
    Jetpacks for UT2k4!