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Feb 12, 2005
Jul 26, 2001
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Washington, DC

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Peon, from Washington, DC

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Feb 12, 2005
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    Washington, DC



    st0rmcaller: I didn't have to wear pink...
    st0rmcaller: But then again, It's not like I'm getting any
    st0rmcaller: so I may as well wear pink
    thepinklamb: lmao
    st0rmcaller: but then, I may wind up getting some. the kind of some no man wants
    st0rmcaller: I shoulda moved to Nevada, not Vriginia. Nevada has whores.
    st0rmcaller: Virginia is for lovers, but fuck me if that means all the chicks are taken.
    st0rmcaller: <---Fucked.
    st0rmcaller: If female, and under the age of 90, she's a fuckin winner
    thepinklamb: lol
    st0rmcaller: Hey, I got to have SOME standards
    st0rmcaller: mebbe 85