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Sep 5, 2020
May 14, 2006
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January 29

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Sep 5, 2020
    1. Leo(T.C.K.)
      It is different from asgard's version and the model is original without the exporting bugs etc, but anyway this is ryspak for redeem your space use only.
      I will post something about RyS then here.

      Meh, others don't care anyway, I won't be surprised if I won't even be in credits of 227 upak later or of some helping, because I've sent the ryspak sources to smirftsch etc.
      I've learned hard that this community is not worthy anything, I mean it started to suck since like 2004, but this year is far the worst with the stargate thief project and all that stuff.
      If I have released the bloodgate project and didn't lose it, I would be very respected mapper by now and the episode would be known for having probably the most deep storyline created for Unreal mappacks.
      But well, I hate the stealers that even stole some ideas and stuff around and scripts and don't give credit, for example there exists many mods around using my scripts without permission at all or given no credit to me. I always give credit to people in either readme or the script file when you do edit scripts you can see some somments there.
    2. Exus Tecius
      Exus Tecius
      yes the ryspak.hmm i didnt checked asgards version.
      leo why dont you release it mate?
      post a link so others also know.imo.

      Edit: i deleted my upak files.ryspak is for me the new upak now.
      dont need all the other files.all is included.
    3. Leo(T.C.K.)
      The RySPak? The predator script is based on the asgards one anyway. Not spinner though that didn't need a change as the pawn worked well IMO.
    4. Exus Tecius
      Exus Tecius
      hey leo.i just downloaded your upak version/fix.
      its great.the predator now works and the weapons have better projectiles.gj.
    5. LION(LS)
      kerej z nich to vede
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