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Sep 5, 2020
May 14, 2006
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January 29

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Sep 5, 2020
    1. RoninMastaFX
      Conspiravision was made first,THEN Organic was made from Conspiravision...I looked in the sources of Organic and Conspiravision, and Organic has traces of the word "Conspiravision" in it, so yeah. xD

      Anyway, I managed to find an old UT Beta 1 CD (not the leaked BETA 2, *BETA 1*...with music playing while UT installs...the whole bit...requires 3 files dependant from Unreal 1. xDD

      So yeah, Razorback *BETA* and Razorback Unreal mix was in it, and that is where I found the UMX. However, the UMX seems to play fine for UT Beta 1 and 2, but not 400+ =/ Possibly an Unreal Galaxy engine upgrade or something :S
    2. Leo(T.C.K.)
      Yeah but this one just sounds too much like Organic. xD
    3. UBerserker
      No wonders if some of the music in Deus Ex is similar to Unreal stuff - they're made by the same artists.
    4. Leo(T.C.K.)
      Wait you mean that in actual beta there were two tracks inside razorback?
      There are two tracks within one isvkran umx file as well, so this is the same case?

      And btw never played deus ex and I don't have UT here either with me, I would need to install it on laptop and I am kinda lazy to and I want to keep it as clean as possible on here.

      Anyway I will try these files as you said..and I don't use winamp, winamp means crappy and crashy experience for me, I use xmplay as the player. It plays everything properly and with higher quality.
      Oh and that deus ex track sounds like Organic..

      Oh and that razorback, it doesn't really came with the beta I talked about, this razorback sounds differently, this must be from something older, where did you get the umx file then?

      You originally said the source file was from Skaven's site or something...

      EDIT2: There are not two tracks, but two songsections in it...
    5. RoninMastaFX
      I will PM you both Conspiravision and Razorback "beta" for you to download, in case you don't have them. :)

      Edit: Actually, you can download it here (MediaFire): http://www.mediafire.com/?jvmtmdduttf

      Enjoy. :p :)
    6. RoninMastaFX
      I finally got a chance to find the original Razorback.umx, but I swear that version is BETA, it has to be. =/ Two reasons:

      1) won't work properly within the Unreal Engine.
      2) There is two tracks within the "beta"...the main song, and another slightly glitchy/faulty track, which I have heard both broken (aka it's one beat per second ^^), and completely fine, and it sounds awesome when the second one is at proper beats.

      Btw, Why I'm think it won't work in the Unreal Engine is (imho) is more tracks than what it's supposed to, and it's grabbing from those tracks that UE1 can't get to, and/or from my experiences, it seems to read it mono, but plays it stereo...and if that is the case, then there is issues with UE1 XXD (if you want to know what I mean, look up Quotes_Music.umx (aka Conspiravision) from Deus Ex, and let it play within Winamp, and Deus Ex and UT itself...you'll see what I mean there. ;) :)
    7. Exus Tecius
      Exus Tecius
      heya :)
      whats my buf&coop buddy doing..all fine ?
      greetings cya
    8. Leo(T.C.K.)
      Fire Breathe I think, anyway Razorback sounded same in the beta I had, so I wonder where that version came from, but I have heard the other version.

      The beta had two versions of the same menu song, one has 16 channels, other one has 17 and one has less number of samples. It's title is called "Unreal Tournament", the filenames, menu2.umx and XYZDMENU2.umx (yeah weird name).
      Oh and XYZDmenu2.umx has 666 kB in size, lol.
    9. RoninMastaFX
      yes, the beta UT song...I remember now. It was alright. I have it encoded on mp3 on my computer too btw, as well as two other beta UT songs (Razorback and Fire Brigade or Fire Breathe or whatever it's called XD) :)

      Did the Beta UT Menu song have a name? :S

      And also, check out the new v2.0.4 RoninFX Unreal-GoW readme template. Located in The RoninReadMe Project thread. :) First post. :)
    10. Leo(T.C.K.)
      It is called Unreal Tournament Menu, there is one sample called "into the darkness" though, but it isn't the title.
      And ut beta had different menu track.
    11. RoninMastaFX
      Ah nice. Then what is the UT Menu theme from the final (and beta) is called? :)
    12. Leo(T.C.K.)
      Into the darkness is strider.umx btw. In the beta it wa sthe same way as well, so you've got wrong info.
    13. Leo(T.C.K.)
      Into the darkness is another track, not menu. I will tell you exact title later, now I am busy.
    14. RoninMastaFX
      Well spotted on the Unreal Techno Euro Dance Mix! I give you two cookies as your reward. :)

      Makes me want to browse the damn umx files UT came with for the UT songs actual title. :)

      However, I have a question about the UT Menu theme. I've heard it is actually called "Into the darkness". Is that true? :)
    15. RoninMastaFX
      hey Leo, can you send me the beta UT2003? I would love to try it out. :) Thanks man. :2thumb:
    16. Leo(T.C.K.)
      Well, I had a trip to Prague and some problems...........
      thank you anyway :)
    17. RoninMastaFX
      yo Leo, what's up? :) Haven't heard from you in a while. :) Everything going good for ya? :)
    18. Exus Tecius
      Exus Tecius
      holy ****!
      the ryspak pulsegun is better than the ut one.
      it even reloads and the altfire sounds is nice.thanks leo.
      pls keep on modding.we unreal/ut fans need ppl like you.
    19. Exus Tecius
      Exus Tecius
      its oki.just try to relax.believe me taking everything too serious is not good for health.
      stress is a ****ing bad thing.
      yeah i pm you my e-mail mate for the bonus stuff.
      tnx in adv.
    20. Leo(T.C.K.)
      But then again, people tend to abuse my behaviour, like I show them some stuff for test etc and they fastly use it in their project etc, or abuse my help. I've head it enough with this community.
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