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Mar 5, 2009
Jan 23, 2008
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teH SEXiest man alive!, from Hamburg, Germany

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Mar 5, 2009
    1. Anuban
      @187-Lostsoul2 ... I don't get anyone's accounts banned. I don't have that kind of power so don't blame me when you break the rules and the mods decide to call you on the carpet for it. I don't make the rules and I don't enforce so blaming me for your problems is BS. If you didn't act up you wouldn't get banned ... its that simple. Its not like I can say, "I don't like this person ... can you ban them?" to the mods. Get real.
    2. Anuban
      Karma is a b!tch man ... you were so quick to jump on the "Let's F*ck with Anuban" train that you forgot all about Karma. Now you are banned at Epic and getting no sympathy here but instead your thread got closed. Meanwhile I am still cooking away and speaking my mind on the boards ... here and there. With any luck there are three more folks who will also be banned in the next couple of months and then the forums will be cool once again. Hopefully you have learned your lesson and when you come back with yet another name you will be a little less vocal about stupid crap. CYA.
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    Bier a.k.a Chief-Justice a.k.a J3FF
    ~ addicted to UT since 1999 ~