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May 10, 2015
Jan 22, 2008
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Sep 26, 1981 (Age: 39)
San Salvador, El Salvador

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Member, 39, from San Salvador, El Salvador

hieloco was last seen:
May 10, 2015
    1. hieloco
      Hey man,

      Well right now looking for a job in Amsterdam, might get one hopefully on a small advergaming company called Little Chicken jajaja hilarious name, but for a small company, they do awesomely looking stuff!

      I've been playing The Witcher a bit (awesome game) but haven't found too much time lately. Also doing some speedrunning in Contra (Oh yeah!).

      Now that you mention it, I should finish Crysis too! But no time!

      BTW, did you see that Crysis 2 is coming out?

      OK man, see ya and keep doing pictures, they look great!
    2. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Hi mate! :-)

      The usual stuff is going on. School and stress, but it is nothing that I can't handle. Everything is so far good and I'm in good mood, happy and healthy. Soon it is weekend again and then I have more free time. :)

      Been offline on the last months, because of school and playing too much Crysis and making too much graphic stuff. :D

      What about you mate? Everything normal or is something outta control? :D

      See Ya later mate! :-)

      Keep in touch! :)

      LR ~Chris
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    Sep 26, 1981 (Age: 39)
    San Salvador, El Salvador
    I'm a chemical engineer from El Salvador who wants to work on level design... weird, huh?

    Video games, Sports, Reading, Drawing